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Enfocus: Product Line Support for OS X, Acrobat 6, Adobe PDF 1.5

Press release from the issuing company

SAN FRANCISCO & CHICAGO – September 9, 2003 -- Enfocus Software, the world’s PDF workflow tool solutions leader, announces complete compatibility with Mac OS X, Adobe Acrobat 6 and Adobe PDF 1.5 across its entire product line. The company is immediately rolling out new versions of its popular PitStop Professional, Instant PDF and StatusCheck applications so that customers can upgrade their existing versions. Enfocus PitStop Server support for Adobe PDF 1.5 will follow later in 2003. PitStop Server for Mac OS X has been available since June 2003. "Enfocus Software is fully committed to offering compatibility with the other software tools and platforms our customers use," says Catherine McCarthy, Area Director, North America, Enfocus Software. "This product release should permit all of our customers to take full advantage of the new, powerful features of Mac OS X, Acrobat 6 and the entire Enfocus product range." *Apple Mac OS X With new Mac OS X compatibility, Enfocus re-confirms its commitment to the Macintosh platform. The availability of Enfocus’ editing, preflighting and Certified PDF technology will support graphic arts production professionals to fully move to Mac OS X. *Adobe Acrobat 6 Enfocus products and the Adobe Acrobat product line are complementary tools. Together these products meet the demands of graphic arts and publishing PDF workflow operations. As one of the most successful Adobe Acrobat development partners for many years, Enfocus continues to utilize its deep understanding of the graphic arts industry to bring its customers exponential benefit otherwise unavailable. *Adobe PDF 1.5 Enfocus PitStop Professional and PitStop Server will both detect and fix PDF 1.5 features, as follows: Detect: _ PDF version number _ Compressed objects _ JPEG 2000 _ 16 bit per channel images _ Layers Fix: _ PDF version number (can be reverted to earlier version during preflight) _ Compressed objects (during preflight, object compression can be removed) _ JPEG 2000 compression (can be changed to ZIP or JPEG) In addition, Enfocus Instant PDF will create and check documents according to PDF 1.5 specifications, and StatusCheck will report PDF 1.5 specification attributes where applicable. *New Enfocus Product Line Overview & Pricing Enfocus products have become the PDF tools of choice used by graphic designers and print production professionals throughout the world. *Enfocus Instant PDF 2.2 Starting with Instant PDF, creative professionals create flawless PDF documents with standards-based PDF Profiles and initiate a Certified PDF workflow. The Instant PDF plug-in for Adobe Acrobat is the automated workflow tool for PDF creation and certification. Users can set up several print queues accessible from within any application. Each print queue provides Adobe Acrobat Distiller with the correct settings for quick and perfect PDF creation. Existing Instant PDF 2.0 registered users can upgrade at no charge. New copies are $249 US/€299. *Enfocus PitStop Professional 6.0 PitStop Professional is the industry standard for PDF preflighting, auto-correction and editing. Upgrades from PitStop Professional 5.0 are $/€149, and include a free copy of Instant PDF. Upgrades from PitStop Professional 4.5 and prior are $/€249, and include a free copy of Instant PDF. Anyone who purchased PitStop Professional, full or upgrade, from June 1, 2003 through now is entitled to a free upgrade to this new version. Please see the www.enfocus.com website for full details. New copies of PitStop Professional are $/€599 US. *Enfocus PitStop Server 3.1 PitStop Server is the stand-alone high volume solution that streamlines and automates multi-document production environments. Based on the PitStop Library, PitStop Server delivers speed, smart PDF Profile comparison, Mac OS X compatibility and support for Certified PDF Workflow and new CertifiedPDF.net. New copies are $2999 US and €2499. Upgrades to 3.0 from previous versions are $/€499 US. (Upgrades from 3.0 to 3.1 will be free when 3.1 is available, later this year.) *Enfocus StatusCheck 1.2 Enfocus StatusCheck allows everyone in the production chain to check the Certified PDF status of a file. Enfocus StatusCheck, a plug-in for Adobe_Reader_ and Acrobat (full version), is free and available for download at the www.enfocus.com website. *Enfocus CertifiedPDF.net _ CertifiedPDF.net is an Enfocus service that takes inter-company communication and PDF quality management to a whole new level. _ It’s a powerful online resource where up-to-date PDF specifications are accessible by everyone in a PDF workflow community. _ Leading printers, publishers and industry organizations publish their process-specific PDF specifications on CertifiedPDF.net. _ Graphic designers and other document creators get instant access to these up-to-date specifications and receive automatic change notifications via e-mail or directly from within their Enfocus applications. Contributors, who publish specifications, pay nothing for a 90-day, fully functional trial. Subscribers who access the specifications pay nothing. Subscription fee for 1 year, renewable, limited by # Subscribers (Contributor can control # subscribers) Tier 1: up to 50 subscribers: $/€500 per year Tier 2: up to 500 subscribers: $/€1500 per year Tier 3: up to 5000 subscribers: $/€5000 per year If a Contributor only links through to one or more existing specifications, a Tier 1 subscription applies.