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Docucom AG and Elixir Technologies Corporation announce partnership

Press release from the issuing company

Ventura, CA – Today Docucom AG of Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, and Elixir Technologies Corporation of Ventura, California, USA, announce a far-reaching partnership that will bring a whole new generation of document design and delivery capability to the European market.

Docucom (formerly Reichmuth Informatik) is a 20 year veteran of high quality, high performance document composition integration services with over 50 clients including some of the world's leading banks. Elixir was founded 25 years ago and pioneered many innovations in the electronic document and client communications industries.

Elixir is now launching Tango, a universal platform for web-based, cloud-sourced document design, composition, print/e-delivery and mobile platform supported delivery of communications from letters to complex statements. Tango for the first time seamlessly integrates the world of Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress and a myriad of other document design sources with data from the worlds of both the datacenter and the web into a workflow that can compose, print, e-deliver, archive, and track documents and messages globally.

Elixir has integrated its Tango composer with Docucom's client communications web-interface to produce iDocucom, a sophisticated system already in use at several banks to manage all communications with major account holding customers and institutions. Docucom and Elixir are expanding their partnership with mutual support for a large project in the Swiss retail banking sector, and a number of projects that will include full color catalog production, interfaces for smartphone apps, and modernization of high volume statement production in the European marketplace.

Together, Docucom and Elixir will revolutionize the way documents and all forms of client communications are produced, and with the adoption of Software as a Service and web delivery, radically changing the model for the use and economics of software in this class. All of this will bring tremendous user benefits and cost savings to customers as they seek to modernize large, costly, legacy, single-point of presence platforms.