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Elements H2O inks water down solvent-based products

Press release from the issuing company

Concentrating on green alternatives to conventional ink-jet printing processes, IGS UK is using FESPA to introduce its durable water-based ink alternatives. Designated Elements H2O, this new pigmented formulation is designed to be totally water-based yet retains high abrasion, weather and UV light resistance across a broad range of display and industrial materials.

The innovative Elements H2O series uses harmless chemistry to produce high quality colour accurate prints, with the vivacity of solvent-based solutions but without any VOCs or other hazardous emissions. Because the inks are completely odourless, users do not need extraction or ducting on their premises in order to comply with Health and Safety requirements.

The Elements H2O family of water-based inks is ideal for use by all those who want to produce greener output in accordance with growing environmental pressures and the need for greater sustainability. They are suitable for print service providers, display producers, digital bureaux, photolabs, in-plants and office sites plus those who hitherto have been prevented from outputting durable print because of ventilation restrictions.

Elements H2O inks are totally water-based and non-flammable. They are also kind to print-heads, with no clogging or damage in use and no need for time-consuming maintenance procedures. The water-based formulation has been developed to enable a wide range of materials, both coated and uncoated, to be printed with durable results compl emented by a wide colour gamut and excellent vivacity on all surfaces.

The chemistry employed in Elements H2O inks ensures that they perform flawlessly on absorbent and smooth media, making them ideal for interior and exterior applications. Although they are outdoor durable, for additional life expectancy, they can also be overlaminated.

Distributed throughout Europe by IGS UK, director Nick Wintle expects to see high levels of interest in this new ink type. "For years the industry has been looking for a true alternative to solvent-based inks, but low running costs, durability and colour accuracy across a wide range of surfaces have not been available until now," he states. "There is increasing pressure for companies to move across to greener ink technologies without compromising on quality and productivity. We believe H2O to fit the remit required by the growing numbers of print producers, agencies and end users who want environmentally friendly solutions in order to meet stricter legislative practices."

Elements H2O represents part of IGS UK's FESPA presence which also includes a complementary range of printers, matched materials, software and support services. The company, which distributes via a strong reseller network throughout the UK and Europe, is now extending its reach to other key world locations.

Elements H2O

- Totally safe and free from odours
- Water-based formulation with solvent-quality output and durability
- No hazardous chemicals, VOCs or other harmful emissions
- No need for ventilation or ducting
- Ideal for interior and exterior jobs without fading
- High colour vibrancy, wide gamut and excellent contour sharpness
- Compatible with a broad selection of rigid and flexible matched media
- Low energy costs for cost effective, greener production