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Printware demonstrates chemistry-free polyester CtP system at IPEX

Press release from the issuing company

St. Paul, Minnesota – Printware, the leading independent manufacturer of high quality, high performance and innovative polyester CtP solutions, announced the successful demonstration of the world's first chemistry free polyester CtP system including the PlateStream CF4 platesetter and PolyStream CF plate at the recently concluded IPEX trade show in Birmingham, England.

The Printware chemistry free system is based on proven plate technology and imaging techniques to assure more consistent plate quality required to meet daily production demands by providing:
- Chemistry Free Processing
- Low laser output power requirements extends laser life
- Wide Assortment of Plate Sizes ranging from 2-up to 4-up
- Precision Drum Imaging with 175 to 200 lpi and 1000 to 3600 dpi
- Fully Automated Roll Feed with Integrated Bacher 220mm, 425mm and 550 mm Punching
- Highly Durable with 30,000+ impressions
- Complete Workflow Tools including Harlequin RIP
- Improved Ink and Water Balance Resulting in Reduced Press Waste

"Customers and dealers were equally impressed with the new PlateStream CF4 CtP system and our PolyStream CF plates, noted Jack Makowski, Vice President of Business Development of Printware. "Our customers desire to make major improvements in their prepress operations. First, they want to become better stewards of the environment by minimizing the chemistry required in their day-to-day operations. Next, they continue to look for lower cost alternatives to manage their critical four-color work, especially for higher performance 2-up and 4-up presses. Lastly, they want to be using proven imaging technologies so that they have predictability in their processes. Our new system delivers on all three of these objectives with a ground-breaking chemistry free polyester CtP system with a high quality drum imager and chemistry free plates imaged like a traditional violet plate."

The PlateStream CF4 incorporates industry proven clean-out and imaging technology with a high precision drum imaging system to guarantee the best fit for short run color work, all provided in a chemistry free operating environment. Like violet metal chemistry free plates, run lengths of 30,000+ impressions and dot integrity are assured by preheating the plate, completing the photo polymerization of the surface coating. The system is fully automated and can run unattended for hours, providing press ready plates with integrated punching for both portrait and landscape presses.

Eco friendly and consistent plate production with high printing stability, PolyStream CF plates work with a simplified clean-out unit thus requiring little maintenance. PolyStream CF plates lower the overall cost of ownership of computer to plate, broadening its application.

PolyStream CF plates use a new photopolymer emulsion that works with a pH neutral clean-out gum. Since this system uses no chemicals (just clean-out gum) there is no need for extra rinse water. The result is an improved ecological footprint and an extremely easy to maintain system.

Printware plans to begin shipments of the unit in the fourth quarter 2010.