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Presstek's expanded product portfolio well received at IPEX 2010

Press release from the issuing company

Presstek, Inc., a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, today announced that IPEX 2010 was its most successful trade show since drupa 2008. Presstek's IPEX presence was highlighted by the worldwide debut of the Presstek 75DI digital offset press. The Presstek 52DI-AC and Aeon, a no preheat thermal CTP plate, were also both demonstrated for the first time at a European trade show during IPEX.

"The positive response from the global print community to the 75DI and our expanded digital offset portfolio, as well as to our expanded array of CTP solutions confirms that our strategic initiatives are in line with today's market requirements," said Jeff Jacobson, Chairman, President & CEO of Presstek. "I have said it before and I will say it again: The time is right for Presstek. Our expanded portfolio of solutions is ideally suited to address many of the business challenges faced by printing firms of all sizes around the globe. Our environmentally friendly, automated digital solutions offer expanded capabilities, delivering increased productivity and profitability in the rapidly growing market for short-run, high quality color printing."

Presstek's theme for IPEX was "Bridge the Gap for Greater Profitability," highlighting the fact that Presstek DI solutions are the optimum solution for bridging the gap between short run digital and conventional offset printing. The validity of this theme has been demonstrated around the globe, as print service providers increasingly choose Presstek DI presses to solve this critical business and production issue. The theme also builds on a September 2008 InfoTrends study which states, "The sweet spot for DI printing is the range of 500 to 20,000 finished press sheets, making DI printing services the ideal solution to profitably fill the gap between toner-based and conventional offset printing."

Jacobson added, "When speaking with visitors during the show, it was clearly evident that the volume of short run digital color work is increasing, and that this volume is still largely static or versioned, not variable. To remain competitive, print manufacturers must adjust their production platforms to accommodate these market requirements. With the addition of the 75DI and 52DI-AC to our portfolio, Presstek is now able to offer the most productive and profitable solution to printers of all sizes to enable them to achieve these important objectives. We have seen a number of cases where the payback to the customer after purchasing our DI Digital Offset press is less than one year."

Industry consultant and WhatTheyThink contributor Andy Tribute commented, "If I were a printer seriously wanting to enter the market for B2 short run color printing, I would choose a Presstek 75DI over some of the other solutions I saw at IPEX, including B2 sheetfed inkjet."

"We were very pleased with our results at IPEX, which delivered millions of dollars in customer commitments and over 2,000 leads for Presstek," said Guy Sasson, Presstek's President, Europe, Africa, and Middle East Region. Sasson adds, "It is very gratifying to see our international growth strategy coming to fruition, and I compliment the entire team for making it happen."

The company demonstrated both Presstek DI and CTP products during the show. Key product demonstrations included:

- CTP:
  -  Compass: This family of highly automated, open platform 4- and 8-page platesetters supports up to 450 lpi printing with production speeds up to 40 plates per hour. Compass platesetters image Presstek's Aurora Pro and Aeon thermal plates in addition to other third-party thermal plates.
  -  Dimension Pro: Provides high performance, ease of use and low cost of operation to make printing businesses more capable, profitable and competitive. A Dimension Pro system is available to fit any existing prepress environment. When using Presstek chemistry-free thermal plates, only a water wash is required after imaging prior to mounting on press.
  -  DPM Pro 400: Brings new technology features and environmental advancements to Presstek's polyester CTP portfolio. The DPM Pro 400 images plates for both portrait and landscape format presses and supports screen rulings up to 175 lpi. Its built-in processor provides extremely stable plate development and uses up to two-thirds less chemistry as compared to most other units on the market.
  -  Vector FL52 with autoloader: This updated version of Presstek's easy-to-use small format chemistry-free platemaking solution is engineered to deliver excellent dot quality and high reliability. The Vector FL52 images Presstek's chemistry-free Freedom Pro plates, which are automatically water rinsed in the Vector's integrated plate washer. The Vector FL52's autoloader option is scheduled to be commercially available later this year.
  -  Aeon: A long run, high resolution digital thermal CTP plate that can be imaged on a range of 830 nm platesetters including Presstek's Compass Series and Dimension Pro 800, as well as models distributed by other suppliers including Screen, Heidelberg and Kodak (Creo). Optional post-bake capability allows runs of up to one million (200,000 unbaked).
  -  Aurora Pro Plates: These true chemistry-free daylight-safe metal plates can be imaged on a range of thermal platesetters, including Presstek's Compass and models distributed by Screen, Heidelberg and Kodak (Creo). Aurora Pro plates are rated up to 25,000 and have strong resistance to UV inks and solvents.
  -  Anthem Pro Plates: Anthem Pro and a Dimension Series platesetter deliver a chemistry-free platemaking solution. The plates are 100% daylight safe and do not require any gumming, baking or chemical processing. Only a simple water wash is required prior to mounting on press. Anthem Pro plates deliver excellent on-press performance, support run lengths up to 100,000 impressions and have strong resistance to UV inks and solvents.

-  Presstek DI digital offset presses:
  -  Presstek 34DI: The 34DI digital offset press offers both conventional offset and digital printers the most profitable solution for meeting the demand for quick turnaround, high quality color printing in runs from 500 to 20,000. Capable of printing on a broad range of substrates from .0024" to .02" (0.06mm to 0.5mm) thick, the 34DI supports up to 300 lpi and FM screening without incurring additional time or expense. This highly automated DI press combines the efficiency of an all-digital workflow with the versatility and high quality of offset printing. The Presstek 34DI has a maximum sheet size of 13.39" x 18.11" (340mm x 460mm) and a maximum operating speed of 7,000 sheets per hour.
  -  Presstek 52DI-AC: This press has all of the characteristics of the Presstek 34DI, but with an in-line aqueous coater, a larger maximum sheet size of 20.47" x 14.17" (520mm x 375mm) and a maximum operating speed of 10,000 sheets per hour. The Presstek 52DI-AC supports both flood (full page) and spot aqueous coating. This 52cm format press is also available without the coater.
  -  Presstek 75DI: The Presstek 75DI digital offset press incorporates Presstek's next generation single lens imaging technology. The 75DI continues the Presstek DI tradition of very high quality (300 lpi or stochastic screening); extreme automation (6-minute job-to-job turnover); and a small environmental footprint with waterless printing technology, chemistry-free imaging on-press, fast run-up for minimal waste, and consistent quality from job to job and within each job. Available with a coater and up to 10 colors. The 75DI has a maximum sheet size of 31.02" x 23.62" (788mm x 600mm) and operates at speeds up to 16,000 sheets per hour.

-  Workflow:
  -  Latitude: A highly automated PDF/JDF workflow. It has flexible workflow tools that automate more production processes with a wide range of prepress tools; easily accommodating last minute changes. Latitude incorporates advanced screening technologies, a state-of-the-art trapping tool, and integrated imposition options

-  ensuring high quality, efficiency and productivity.
  -  Momentum Pro: A fully-integrated RIP and workflow solution is designed to automate the production process using certified PDF tools. Momentum Pro acts as a centralized PDF creation and preflight system, ensuring consistent output to multiple devices for small to mid-sized printers.

These solutions, combined with Presstek's service and support organization, are designed to improve the competitiveness, profitability and capability of printing firms worldwide, truly A Smarter Way to Print.