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Padgett Printing Credits Printcafe; Celebrates 100 Years

Press release from the issuing company

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 27, 2003) - Printcafe Software, Inc, the operating system for print, joins Padgett Printing, Inc., a Dallas, Texas based user of the Printcafe Logic print management system, in celebrating the printing company’s 100th anniversary in business. Formed in 1903 as a second floor walk-up print shop, Padgett Printing is a family owned business servicing the advertising, direct mail and general commercial sector in the Dallas area. Padgett is now a major print company with annual revenues exceeding $20 million and boasts a state of the art production facility with computer-to-plate technology, sheet-fed, web and digital presses and in-line finishing. Padgett has relied on the Printcafe Logic system for the last decade to automate crucial functions from estimating to billing, order entry, purchasing, inventory control, finished goods and accounting. The company is currently in the process of upgrading to Printcafe's Logic SQL platform, which provides a fast and superior performance database, and will enable Padgett to benefit from a common software infrastructure across its enterprise. David Torok, President/CEO, credits the Logic system as a major factor for Padgett's continued success, in an increasingly competitive industry. "We have grown enormously in the last ten years but because Logic takes care of all the time consuming tasks and eliminates repeated data entry, we haven't needed to add more staff," says Torok. "We operate a lean operation with a very high revenue per head which in turn makes us a very profitable business. In addition, the Logic system enables us to meet our goal of a maximum of two days from shipment of the product to mailing an invoice which improves our cash flow and our bottom line." In order to keep their production processes on track, Padgett Printing uses Printcafe’s Auto-Count, DMI tool, to gather real-time information from every piece of equipment and feeds it directly to the Logic system, thereby enabling true computer integrated manufacturing. "The major benefit is that we collect a large amount of information which is very accurate, so there is reduced operator input. Auto-Count also enables us to manage our schedule in real-time as when a job is finished another one can be automatically scheduled. If a job is produced quicker than originally planned, the next job goes onto press earlier, helping us to increase turnaround," he says. "Logic has been vital to our growth; if we were still printing like we were in 1903, we wouldn't be around today," comments Torok. "We realized a long time ago that modern equipment by itself does not necessarily equal more profitability. Logic has provided us with the right systems in place to enable us to get the most out of our existing staff and equipment. It's a combination of people, processes and technology that have given us our first one hundred years," he concludes.