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Duplo Fits All Needs at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

August 26, 2003 -- At Graph Expo, Duplo USA Corporation presents its latest range of finishing solutions, including its newest bookletmaking and collating solution, the System 5000, launched at IGAS 2003. The system, which incorporates DC-10/60 collating towers, the new dynamic DBM-500 bookletmaker, a face trimmer and a precision stacker, is the company’s most advanced system to date and has been optimized for both the digital and offset markets. A fourth generation product developed to meet UP3i standardization and incorporating significant technical upgrades, the System 5000 boasts several advanced features. A state-of-the-art set accumulation system offers complete flexibility and high performance, eliminating the need for separate solutions for traditional and digital users. The System 5000 provides a complete finishing solution for both commercial offset printers wanting to migrate to digital, and for digital printers with a pre-press background looking for a productive and easy to operate solution. This revolutionary offering sets the machine apart from competitive products. The System 5000 is fully automated and exceptionally user-friendly combining a series of new features. Producing up to 4,500 booklets per hour the machine operates at high speeds to maximize offset jobs, as well as coping with large duty cycles to fulfill digital print requirements. A center referenced paper transport system provides a fully automated sheet transport system easily incorporating the entire range from minimum to maximum sheet sizes without any manual operator intervention. For example, the System 5000 caters for on-demand applications such as producing CD and DVD sized booklets through to 8.5” x 11”, 11”x17” and oversize commercial print formats, alternating between formats at the push of a button or under the control of a UP3i compatible controller. Dominic Quennell, vice president of global marketing for Duplo Corporation comments, “At Duplo our aim is to be one step ahead of the game, so with the System 5000 it was imperative to incorporate the most advanced industry specifications. Hence, we developed it to meet UP3i standards, which are set to become the graphic arts industry standards for machine language. For example, one specific feature we’ve developed to accommodate with UP3i is varying sheet quantities, which allow the System 5000 to switch within a single job run, for example, from a two sheet set to a twenty sheet set and back to two again without the operator having to touch the machine. It is this dedication to technology which sets Duplo apart from its competitors and ensures we produce machines that are forward thinking and provide up to the minute solutions for our customers.” The System 5000 also incorporates a redesigned fold unit, providing a flatter, crisper fold, thus making booklets easier to manage when being fed into envelope inserting machines for direct mail applications. The machine also addresses booklet variation and has a job interruption system which diverts corner or side-stitched jobs to a separate catch-tray, while other jobs continue to pass through the trimmer onto the belt-stacker for collection. Sensors have also been added to the machine’s stitching heads so should any problems occur, such as loose wires or empty wire reels, the machine will automatically set itself to standby and alert the operator to the problem without losing any of the settings for queued jobs. Mr Quennell concludes, “The System 5000 is an exciting and fully automated product which was designed without compromise and combines the proven reliability of our previous bookletmaking experience with innovative hardware technology and software. This combination offers users a flexible solution that caters to a variety of job types. Whether you’re an offset printer looking to incorporate digital production, or a digital printer looking for an advanced high quality finishing solution - the machine is designed to answer all your needs. Because we didn’t compromise on the design you don’t have to compromise on the finishing!” Also being showcased by Duplo USA Corporation at Graph Expo are: DF-920 Folder The DF-920 is Duplo’s new high-end folding machine. The machine offers high-speeds of up to 256 sheets per minute for 8.5”x11” single fold format. The product also boasts an easy jam clearance function – by pressing the stop and clear buttons simultaneously, the folding rollers and stacker belts continue to move allowing the folding stoppers to move back into position releasing any jammed paper from the folding plates and passing it to the receiving tray. A noise absorber reduces noise dramatically not only when folding paper, but also when stoppers are moving. In addition, the machine provides a refold option - when switched on, it remembers previous settings which is ideal for maintaining job accuracy. In addition, the company will be showing a series of folders, duplicators, bookletmaking and collating systems and its benchmark product, the DC-545HC slitter/creaser/trimmer, which has been developed specifically for the production of digitally printed products.