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Exstream Software Introduces Dialogue WebVerse

Press release from the issuing company

August 20, 2003 -- Exstream Software announced today the general availability of Dialogue WebVerse, a complete web environment that allows business users to rapidly develop and deploy personalized web applications. WebVerse eliminates the need for expensive Java and ASP programming and reduces dependencies on the IT staff, allowing businesses to meet time to market requirements for web applications that deliver fully personalized correspondence and fulfillment in real-time. WebVerse is ideal for customer-centric businesses that use call centers and branch offices to interact one on one with customers—such as insurance, banking, financial services, telecommunications and utility companies—and scales to support thousands of users at a time. Customers and prospects can also interact directly with WebVerse applications to "pull" personalized information on demand. The user-friendly Dialogue graphical design environment provides a structured framework that guides business users through creation of the dynamic forms and processes that make up the web applications. Standard web controls such as drop down lists, radio buttons, check boxes and function buttons are available for web form design, and easy-to-create rules define how end users navigate through the web applications. Dialogue then logically links the forms together into an application and deploys it on the Internet where it can be accessed through browsers and other web-enabled devices. Users can preview output, correct if necessary, then generate fully personalized web pages, print or electronic output immediately upon completion of each transaction. And since WebVerse is fully integrated with the Dialogue production environment, the final output can also be queued for batch processing so a complete package of personalized documents can be assembled and delivered through the scheduled print/mail run. Benefits companies will receive with WebVerse include: Faster time to market—Intuitive design environment for business users speeds production and saves money. Substantially reduced web application development costs—No Java or ASP programming means reduced costs and less time commitment from IT staff. Interactive selling tool—WebVerse applications can be used by customer service representatives (CSRs), sales agents, branch offices, customers and prospects to fulfill personalized information requests in real time. Dynamic web page creation—Dynamic presentment of fully personalized, multi-lingual web forms based on information collected in the interactive process. Any type of personalized document can be generated—From sales collateral, letters, proposals and quotes, to policies and enrollment kits, there is no limit to the types of personalized communications that can be generated by WebVerse applications. More consistency and control—Provides user-defined, multi-stage approval processes for document verification and compliance. Complete web environment—Manages user sessions, security, workflow, order processing, delivery, load balancing, caching, connection pooling, thread pooling, fault tolerance, and more to ensure reliability, scalability and optimum performance. “WebVerse is a powerful web application builder that allows companies to offer customers the convenience and speed of online self-service and eFulfillment,” said Dan Kloiber, chief technology officer and co-founder of Exstream Software. “In addition to speeding time to market, companies can significantly reduce costs associated with expensive web programming and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by responding immediately and relevantly to customer requests for information. As a complete web environment that can scale to support thousands of users, WebVerse gives companies a vital channel of communication for reaching customers—instantly and one on one.”