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EskoArtwork's releases ArtiosCAD 7.6

Press release from the issuing company

Gent, Belgium – EskoArtwork announces the release of ArtiosCAD 7.6, the latest version of the world's most popular structural design software for all corrugated, folding cartons and POP displays. Highlights of the new version include extended connectivity to other applications and import file formats, new reference POP display standards, automatic registration between graphics and structure, and improved 3D rendering.

Complete 3D integration allows for quick prototyping of designs and presentations, eliminating communication errors and reducing design review cycles. ArtiosCAD 7.6 also offers the greatest options for seamless interoperability throughout the entire packaging production workflow, particularly with 'round trip' design connectivity between structural and graphics design with Adobe Illustrator. It assures that structural design assets can be repurposed for each step of the packaging supply chain. The structure file provides the physical constraints for graphic design and helps build high-resolution 3D client presentations using the actual production files. It is also used to produce manufacturing files for die-production and step-and-repeat layouts for print. And, the structure file is used to produce palletizing solutions.

Brad Leonard, VP, CAPE Systems, comments: "This new feature was developed to meet a very important customer requirement, and reinforces our commitment of joint integration efforts to provide a seamless product design tool. It enables packaging converters to layout a pallet of die-cut sheets using the structural design file to automatically run solutions in CAPE PACK. We are very pleased with our on-going development activities with EskoArtwork. They are one of CAPE's most dynamic technology business partners."

"ArtiosCAD 7.6 completes a true end-to-end packaging design workflow, delivering integration between structural design, graphic design, packaging production and palletization. In fact, much of the ArtiosCAD technology resides inside other EskoArtwork software applications'," explains Richard Deroo, EskoArtwork Product Manager, Structural Design. "And, EskoArtwork continues to invest heavily in the research and development of structural design. ArtiosCAD customers can be assured that their investment is protected and they will benefit from continued upgrades and enhancements to the product."

New features in ArtiosCAD 7.6
ArtiosCAD delivers greater productivity for users by making design more efficient with easier user features and repurposing capabilities, and interoperability between a number of new 3D model formats.

The new, significant features include:
•    Seamless integration with CAPE PACK palletizing software: a layout pallet of die-cut sheets using the ArtiosCAD file can be exported to CAPE PACK, eliminating duplicate data entry and streamlining shipping estimates. Direct connection eliminates the potential for human errors.
•    New POP display standards: new POP display standards have been added to the style catalog. Users browsing the POP library will find new parametric design templates from which to either design POP displays in minutes or stimulate the creative design process.
•    New 3D imports for Collada, OBJ and Esko flexible bag (.BAG) file types: Collada is a generic 3D interchange file format supported by most 3D applications. It provides interoperability between other EskoArtwork products and third-party 3D products. ArtiosCAD 7.6 also comes with import file formats for OBJ and EskoArtwork flexible bag (.BAG) file types.
•    Automatic registration of graphics with structure: along with a roundtrip workflow between ArtiosCAD and Adobe Illustrator, ArtiosCAD can deliver registration between CAD and graphics automatically.
•    Improved 3D rendering resolution and performance: ArtiosCAD now outputs high resolution graphics for client presentations. The increased 3D performance eliminates the need for additional 3D rendering software.

Paul Connolly, Corporate Accounts Design Specialist at Smurfit-Stone and one of the first users of the latest ArtiosCAD version, certainly agrees with this statement. The Smurfit-Stone facility in East Longmeadow (MA, USA), uses ArtiosCAD 7.6 to develop packaging including work for many beverage companies. "We work with the EskoArtwork Studio plug-in for Adobe Illustrator. It opens ArtiosCAD files, allowing our designers to create graphics to the structure of our packaging," he explains. "When the graphics are complete, we export a PDF file. As soon as we open the PDF file in ArtiosCAD 7.6, the graphics are completely registered to the structural design, seamlessly. From there, we develop 3D renderings, or sometimes a solid model, for client presentations. The entire process cuts down on approval times because we can easily create PDF files and send a number of rough designs. Our customers are very impressed. In addition, the rotating 3D PDF files and new project functions have proved to be very helpful as well."

ArtiosCAD 7.6 is easier to use because a designer does not need to enter as many keystrokes for many 2D structural design tasks, and new nudge enhancements reduce the time to perform repeat design tasks. Meanwhile, a new hatch catalog allows the designer to dynamically change hatch patterns in designs, dramatically reducing keystrokes. Extended VRML support allows designers to import full assembly structures of products-with the ability to select individual assembly parts around which to build packaging. With the help of Strata Foto 3D, realistic 3D product models can be imported, allowing designers to demonstrate the actual product within the package.

Ramsey Fisher, Malnove Packaging and Packaging Solutions Design Manager, reports that the challenge of securing approvals from the NFL and Visa was streamlined through the use of ArtiosCAD 3D software. They worked with StadiumTRAY to snare another Super Bowl advertising success as Visa teamed up with the NFL for a commemorative tray. The 3D online approval process followed, expedited the production ordering process. It allowed Dale Houck, Plant Manager of Malnove's Jacksonville, Florida Plant to produce the StadiumTRAYS and meet the NFL's requirement of receiving the trays at Sun Life Stadium one week prior to the Super Bowl. "It is really the power of teamwork, using proven systems and procedures, that allows Malnove to respond to our customer's 'Speed-to-Market' needs," comments Houck.