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Muller Martini introduces a new approach to optimize bindery operations

Press release from the issuing company

MMServices is a fully integrated operational improvement program that increases net productivity while delivering bottom line benefits.

Today's challenging economic climate and intense competition have more and more companies demanding that their capital equipment investments be both protected and maximized.  In recognition of this increasing trend, Muller Martini has launched MMServices, a productivity-focused operational improvement experience that can help customers:

•    Lower production costs in order to become more competitive and attract new customers.
•    Properly maintain equipment so that it achieves optimum performance levels with minimal downtimes, while containing repair expense.
•    Upgrade and retrofit current equipment with technology that leverages the newest advances.
•    Exceed productivity expectations with proper staff training – at no increased cost.
•    Better plan workflow processes.

At its core, the newly launched MMServices is a process improvement program which collectively embraces the functions of machine, people and workflow.  Staffed by Muller's certified engineering and support team, Muller Martini's MMServices consists of a step-by-step evaluation and implementation program that employs best practices and features the following highly integrated service offerings:

•    MMStartup.  Muller Martini machinery is installed, operators are trained and production is started to run cost-effectively and at peak performance.
•    MMRepair.  This original spare parts and repair service ensures an optimum level of production with limited downtime.
•    MMRemote.  A secure, password protected remote access capability for updates and trouble shooting direct with the factory.
•    MMUptodate.  Machine updates are offered so that equipment maintains state-of-the-art performance levels.
•    MMInspect.  Muller technicians test system conditions at regular intervals to prevent unexpected production downtimes.
•    MMImprove.  Muller's productivity experts assess and improve the performance of an organization's equipment, operators and workflow in order to lower production costs and enhance competitiveness.
•    MMMaintain.  Maintenance protection programs at a fixed cost.  Lower total cost of ownership with added benefits such as free 24/7 phone support and discount on spare parts.
•    MMSelect.  Ancillary services such as relocation and start-up of equipment, operator training via the web, classroom and hands-on and many competitive priced consumables including strapping material and endboards, both new for 2010.  

Commented Werner Naegeli, President & CEO, Muller Martini Corp., "The development of MMServices was an intensive, well-formulated undertaking because it encompasses the total customer experience.  We believe it's an industry groundbreaker, and one that demonstrates Muller Martini's continued commitment to the long-term growth of each and every customer."

With MMServices, Muller Martini's customers can maximize not just their return on investment, but the value they deliver to their own customers.  To demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of MMServices, Muller is offering its customers a free Productivity Audit.  This complimentary assessment, performed by a Muller Martini Productivity Analyst, shows how a company can increase the productivity of its Muller Martini machinery.  Interested companies should call 1.888.2.MULLER to schedule an appointment.