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EskoArtwork Kongsberg XP digital cutting table delivers competitive edge

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium) – EskoArtwork has been dominating the digital cutting market since years with its successful Kongsberg series. With the launch of the Kongsberg XP digital cutting table in 2009, EskoArtwork responded to the need for a faster and equally highly reliable solution, specifically suited for short-run production. And the market responded positively with over 60 successful operational installations worldwide. Customers such as the STI Group in Germany; Third Dimension in the US and Artbox in Sweden are seeing tangible ROI through a dramatically increased productivity and efficiency, reduced costs and faster turnaround time. On top of that, there is no limit in the design shapes that can be cut as the Kongsberg XP allows for very intricate contour detail cutting.

A true production machine, the Kongsberg XP series is the first to be designed to operate continuously in a 24/7 production environment, targeted at corrugated packing companies and manufacturers of POP and permanent in-store product displays that need a fast and highly reliable solution for short-run production. Tom Erik Naess, CAM Product  Manager at EskoArtwork comments, "The immediate success of the XP proves that there is a market for a fast digital production machine within these segments. The next big step will be combining the XP's superb productivity with our experience in automated material handling."

Customers benefit from the high level of productivity, while unleashing creativity
STI Group, a leading European display manufacturer headquartered in Germany, was one of the first customers to install a Kongsberg XP24. The new installation enabled the company to enlarge its modern digital printing and finishing department to produce custom made point-of-sale displays in small volumes that will be distributed through the STI-onlineshop.

"For us the Kongsberg XP24 is the perfect device to manufacture multi-component displays, mock-ups and personalized promotional material in a very short time as well as in a flexible and absolutely reliable way," comments Ulrich Klüber, Product and Process Innovation Manager at STI Group on the installation. "In conjunction with a large format HP Scitex digital printing press the Kongsberg fits very well in the existing EskoArtwork solutions and is optimizing the complete workflow." STI Group is also working with the interactive nesting tools SignUp and SignUp Auto to optimize substrate usage and minimize the waste of display material.

Geneva, Ohio-based Third Dimension owns three Kongsberg DCMs and a Kongsberg XL46 to keep up with the demand of quick turnaround, short-run, and just-in-time shipments. In the past year, the company also installed the Kongsberg XP24 to support their digital graphics department. "Rather than creating traditional displays, we maximize the customer experience by using several materials, such as plastics, foams and corrugated, in the same display," says Steve Ellsworth, Production Manager and Sales at Third Dimension. "Our challenge was that we needed something to cut it. The Kongsberg XP has the speed and the ability to cut rigid materials. And we knew from experience that Kongsberg tables are workhorses. We run day and night on three 8-hour shifts, five days, 120 hours a week and the Kongsberg tables never let us down."

"By adding the Kongsberg XP24 into our lineup, it further increases our capabilities and lets us sell into new, different areas. It was the last piece of our puzzle," explains Ellsworth. "We purchased the Kongsberg XP24 to cut rigid substrates along with vinyl, to be able to kisscut stickers. Our graphics and uniqueness of ideas set us apart. We are focusing on more creative POP and building a new website, Yourcompanyface.com, to offer even more new graphics ideas. The Kongsberg XP24 helps us create these new products and brings us into these new markets."

Artbox, based in Strängnäs (Sweden), is a design house with strong focus on creativity. The company has Alfa-tested the Kongsberg XP for their production of high quality displays of all sorts of designs, forms and materials. The results were more than satisfying and the Kongsberg XP is now in full production at Artbox. "This is our third cutting table from EskoArtwork – a partnership that continues to deliver the service and excellent quality we are looking for," comments Henrik Lagerström, owner of Artbox. "We are always after the best-in-class products that will give us the competitive edge. We have been working with the Kongsberg tables for years and there is no comparable solution in the market. The installation of the Kongsberg XP24 provided us with even more  features that make our business a success such as a higher speed and more detailed cutting."

The Kongsberg XP is setting new standards
With a maximum cutting speed of 100m/min, these machines set a completely new standard in digital cutting coupled with the ability to handle larger sheet sizes and cut larger layouts which produces a massive increase in productivity, twice that of most other competitive solutions. Its productivity and speed not only result in improved turnaround time, but also in increased capacity so more work can be accepted.

The Kongsberg XP series are available in three sizes: the Kongsberg XP20 (working area 1680 x 1430 mm); the Kongsberg XP24 (working area 1680 x 3200 mm) and the Kongsberg XP44 (2200 x 3200 mm). Kongsberg XP is upgradeable to fully automated material loading, a must in high-volume operations, which extends the life-cycle for the solution and ensures a long-term investment.