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Interactive seminar at recent Moscow Publishing Expo by PrintCity Members 

Press release from the issuing company

Gröbenzell, Germany – On November 3rd PrintCity Alliance members UPM, manroland and Océ together with partner UpCode delivered an all day interactive seminar during Publishing Expo in Moscow under the seminar title Innovation & Technology – New possibilities for Printed Media.
Involving an innovative approach including short presentations, audience question & answer periods and final panel sessions, an audience of over 50 people participated in an open discussion focused on the topics:
·  Web Printing – Increased Process Efficiencies & Importance To Publishers
·  PRINTplusX – Secrets of Added Value – Business Opportunities
Publishing Expo was an event focused on publishers, printers & suppliers and organised by GIPP (the Guild of Press Publishers in Russia) at Moscow's World Trade Centre on November 2nd and 3rd, 2009.
The event was moderated for PrintCity & GIPP by Igor Terentyev, editor-in-chief of PUBLISH Russia magazine.
The event keynote speaker Mr Rüdiger Maaß from the German media organisation Fachverband Medien Produktioner (f: mp.) spoke on both main topics. PrintCity Alliance speakers were Erik Ohls (UPM), Josef Aumiller (manroland), Fedor Eltsov (Ipris/Océ) and Sture Udd (UpCode).
Seminar participator Mr Vyacheslav Dagaev, CEO of the publishing house 'Inform Polis' commented, "Thank you very much for delivering such a high quality seminar. The subjects were very well chosen. Higher productivity and new ideas for enhanced print products and new business models are essential for our industry. I'm looking forward to a continuous relationship with the PrintCity Alliance."  
Julia Kazakova, CEO, Guild of Press Publishers, Russia confirmed, "Member companies of the PrintCity Alliance presented extremely important knowledge of paper's value and uniqueness to Russian publishers and printers at Publishing Expo. In spite of all talks about rapid development of digital technologies, paper will remain the major vehicle for media content and the largest revenue source.
"Innovative solutions and modern technologies presented by PrintCity inspire publishers to re-think the current business opportunities and prepare completely new offers to their readers and advertisers. I wish to express our most sincere gratitude and appreciation of all companies behind the PrintCity Alliance for sharing their interesting and extremely useful experience with Russian publishers and printers".
Michael Beier of manroland Russia stated, "We as manroland had the possibility to meet and to talk to important National Publishing houses at the PrintCity Alliance Publishing Expo event in Moscow. We met officials from the Russian State authorities, publishers and important customers. To transfer ideas into the market I think this was a good event and we should continue with similar PrintCity opportunities in 2010."
Erik Ohls of UPM commented, "The seminar day for Russian print media worked well thanks to the active audience. The day was held in the right surroundings. Publishers & printers had an easy way to attend and participate in the discussion. The continuous work with Russian publishers & printers by PrintCity Alliance members supports UPM businesses well, and this event was no exception."
Rauno Niemela, UPM Russia indicated, "The event was good and we continued with the speed & mood we created during the PrintCity Moscow event in April this year."
Seminar moderator Igor Terentyev commented on this special PrintCity day by saying, "I am sure that the event was definitely useful for the audience. This time it was a mix - more than half of it was publishers, the rest - printers and suppliers. So it was a successful step in enhancing the communication between printers (as the main clients for PrintCity members) and publishers who are looking for new sources of revenue and ways for optimization".
Mr Terentyev concluded, "It was a great experience for me to moderate such an event. I think it will help every side - publishers, printers and suppliers - better understand each other and fill the gaps in publishing workflows, especially after arming themselves with knowledge about new possibilities in print and media".