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PIA announces the release of its newest 19×25-inch Sheetfed Test Forms

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Printing Industries of America's Center for Technology and Research is happy to announce the release of the newest version of its 19×25-in. Sheetfed Test Forms (version 6.0) in 4-, 6-, and 8-color versions. These test forms are the first truly comprehensive examination tools for analyzing press conditions, mechanical attributes, and color management areas of an offset press using a single form.

The 19×25-in. test forms released today are the first of a number of sheetfed offset test forms in development. Printing Industries of America's Process Controls Group has been working on a series of new forms, starting with large-format forms in sizes of 42×62-in. and 35×50-in. and, coming soon, Sheetfed Press Test Forms in sizes of 25×38-in.

These 19×25-in. Sheetfed Test Forms incorporate many targets that help printers diagnose problems on press, including targets that focus on resolution, mottle, registration, image fit, and gray balance. The forms also include tone scales, vignettes, ladder targets, color bars, digital register analysis targets, and quality control photographs. Each test form is accompanied by an extensive user's guide which outlines each of the targets and describes how to use the form to produce quality print.

A new unique feature of this product is the color management designation area within the form. There is an 8.5×12.5-in. area left intentionally blank on these test forms where the user is able to drop in any color management target they might require, many of which are included on the CD with the form. Included are the ANSI IT8.7/4-2005 target and the ECI 2002 target, as the Printing Industries of America's brand new Photo Montage page that can be used for visual evaluation of the press's conditions. This enables printers to test the press both mechanically and visually as needed. It also allows printers a space to incorporate their own test targets as well as artwork, cartons and labels for specific clients.

Printing Industries of America's 19×25-in. Sheetfed Test Forms can be purchased along with other quality control products online at http://www.printing.org/store/sheetfedtestforms.