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Scanbuy releases tools to easily deploy scanlife

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY – Scanbuy, Inc., the global leader in mobile barcode solutions, today announced that it has released multiple services that allow a commercial printer to easily integrate 2D (two-dimensional) barcode technology using the complete ScanLife solution.  These services allow printers to use all major 2D barcode formats, including Datamatrix, EZcode, and QR, and link them to the ScanLife mobile application and Code Management Platform.

Marketers and media publishers are using 2D barcodes on brochures, catalogs, direct mail, flexible packaging and more to connect to digital information on the mobile phone.  A code can quickly load a personalized Website, launch a video, provide promotional offers, and more.  The ScanLife Code Management Platform makes it easy to create, edit and track these codes on a self managed dashboard.  

Now, commercial printers can use web services and font packages to place these codes on virtually any material in high volumes, effectively making all collateral interactive.  One new tool is a TrueType font for the EZcode format which will make it simple to load the format into existing ink-jet systems and generate thousands of unique codes in real time.  As an example, a direct marketer could place personal URLs into unique codes which when scanned would load content that is relevant to that individual.

TrueType fonts are commonly used in the printing industry and are already available for other 2D code formats like Datamatrix.  This is the first time that the widely used EZcode has been available in this format.  The EZcode is an openly available code format that was specifically created for the standard camera phone.  It can be printed at smaller sizes than other code formats (about ½") which is critical in media like direct mail or packaging.

"The printing industry has been extremely excited about using this technology to make their media even more targeted and engaging," said Jonathan Bulkeley, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy.  "These tools will make it easier than ever to digitize any printed material in an extremely customized and cost-efficient way.  We believe that these solutions could revolutionize the world of printed media."

Printers can also use the ScanLife web service, or API, to generate Datamatrix or EZcodes from the ScanLife Code Management Platform.  This white label solution can be used by customers to create individual codes from an outside website or portal.  A printer could also register existing code formats, like Datamatrix, QR, or UPC, on the ScanLife system to reach millions of mobile users around the world.  The ScanLife application is pre-loaded by leading manufacturers and is also available to download on all operating systems from iPhone to Java.

A number of printers across specialized industries are already offering these solutions to their customers.  To learn more, or to activate these services, please contact Scanbuy, Inc. at [email protected].