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Four Pees launches ProofMaster range of high-end proofing media

Press release from the issuing company

Ghent, Belgium -- Four Pees, an international sales and marketing organization and worldwide distributor of ProofMaster, for color-accurate contract proofs, is pleased to announce the extension of the ProofMaster product line with a range of Fogra certified, high-end contract proofing paper.
Earlier this year, Four Pees announced that it would market, sell and distribute the ProofMaster brand through its worldwide reseller network. In combination with the ProofMaster software, Four Pees is now able to offer a complete solution for offset, gravure, flexo, newspaper and packaging proofing. In addition to its proofing paper range, Four Pees also offers a variety of photo and fine art papers.
Top quality at an affordable price
ProofMaster Contract Proofing paper has been developed with a very wide color gamut, and at a quality that covers all areas of professional color management.

"The ProofMaster media line strengthens the ProofMaster brand and helps our resellers develop a strong relationship with their customer by offering an affordable, top quality substrate. While focusing on the added value in combination with the ProofMaster Proofing software, the media line is also a good fit on other RIPs. The cost of switching is reduced through the availability of an existing custom profile base, covering most of the market demands," says Tom Peire, CEO of Four Pees.
ProofMaster Contract Proofing Paper Highlights
ProofMaster Contract Proofing 280g is a heavyweight semi-matte paper for high-end proofing applications, that certifies any proof to international or customized printing processes, for optimal CMYK and spot color reproduction. It has a production consistency of ΔE < 1.0. This paper has the look and feel of previously, and most commonly used, analog proofing systems.
ProofMaster Contract Proofing 265g is a similar paper that, on top of easy certification towards international standards (Fogra, Sicogif, GRACoL, SWOP), is very well suited for use with customized press standards. It also fits the Flexo printing ISO 12647-6 standard. It has a a production consistency of ΔE < 0.4
ProofMaster Contract Proofing 250g has a production consistency: ΔE < 0.9. While somewhat lighter than the other papers, it offers an excellent value and replaces the PerfectProof Contract Proof 260gr without the need for a technician to intervene.
Profiles, sales and support
Color profiles for these papers can be found at: www.proofmaster.net/profiles. For more information on pricing, e-mail: [email protected]; for support contact: [email protected].