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ECRM Releases Workmates

Press release from the issuing company

TEWKSBURY, MA -- March 7, 2007 -- ECRM today released WorkMates, an automated PDF-based workflow solution for small-to-midsize commercial printers, first introduced at Graph Expo last October. Included in WorkMates are five production tools, PDFMate, ImposeMate, RIPMate, ProofMate, and PrintMate that seamlessly allow printers to impose, RIP, proof, and print PDF files with ease. ECRM WorkMates also enables a printer to automate specific tasks, accelerate productivity and become compatible with desired file formats. WorkMates is also easily expandable, inexpensive, and user-friendly, allowing for fast implementation. Automated PDF Workflows offer several production advantages. Traditionally, files are received by the RIP, converted to 1-bit TIFFs, and processed to plates. With WorkMates, users will be able to capture the file in a PDF format, impose, RIP, and proof, as well as preview the file prior to imaging. This enables files on the RIP to be repurposed at a later date, if necessary. ECRM has made WorkMates available through their extensive dealer network. For more information about ECRM and their offerings, go to ECRM’s new enhanced website: www.ecrm.com. ECRM Quote “All printers don’t have the same needs and they want to be able to grow their business at a rate that’s comfortable to them,” notes ECRM Director of Marketing, Jim Luttrell. “By choosing WorkMates and any of the add-on modules, printers can better control production parameters, while enjoying the flexibility and affordability of adding the right tool at the right time. It simply allows them to configure their print shop workflow on an as-needed basis.” Five Standard Components of WorkMates WorkMates is made up of five standard components, allowing a printer to quickly and easily create PDF files, impose, RIP, proof, and manage their print jobs. Users benefit from a high degree of automation, thereby reducing prepress, make-ready, and production time. - PDFMate Using ECRM’s PDFMate module, a folder-based layout and an automated workflow is easily created for converting completed pages into PDFs. It’s as easy as choosing specifications in a setup menu. The simple interface of PDFMate allows users to setup hot-folders for automatic PDF file creation, and create their own PDF profiles to use within the module. Using PDFMate, errors, rework, and downtime are dramatically reduced, while productivity is increased. - ImposeMate ImposeMate is an automated imposition tool. It's explicitly designed for the small-print service provider, printing on small-format conventional presses or on digital production presses. Page setup controls automate in-RIP imposition rules applied to all jobs. If the print service provider prints similar jobs consistently, one imposition setup, used as a part of one or more page setups, can be used time and time again. Rather than needing to spend time on manually laying out every page, the operator need now only submit the job to a RIP with the correct imposition setup and it’s processed automatically. - RIPMate Based upon a robust and versatile Harlequin RIP core, RIPMate allows users to perform most tasks in-RIP, saving time and money by eliminating manual work. Regardless of size, commercial printers will benefit from extensive features and benefits engineered to improve the quality and performance of the print process. RIPMate accepts and processes all PDF file formats, and a wide range of plug-ins and applications. This makes the RIPMate a future-proof investment, enabling users to expand or change their business direction. The RIPMate is also JDF-enabled and can be integrated with most common MIS workflows. - ProofMate Generic ProofMate Generic is the version supplied in the standard module package. It provides printers with a tool to proof the contents and impositions made with RIPMate, on any Windows printer installed on the network. This in-RIP plug-in ensures that proofs match RIPed contents -- even if printed on a low resolution B/W laser printer. ProofMate Generic relies on the Windows printer driver supplied by the printer vendor. It uses the screening technology and color management available within the printer driver. ProofMate can also generate a color-calibrated TIFF file for preview. - PrintMate PrintMate is an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that simplifies the management of a print job from the moment the file is submitted (via a print driver or a hot folder) to its progress through the RIP and to the output device. It provides users with all the features needed to maximize productivity by enabling the user to monitor the job’s progress, easily reassign the output order, hold and release jobs, or even re-submit or re-output any job. It supports up to five concurrent local and/or remote web-based clients, and offers an enhanced roaming of the RIPed data. This web-based solution will complement all ECRM CTP devices and the latest version of the RIPMate/ECRM RIP.