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StreamServe Learning program expands with online training

Press release from the issuing company

BURLINGTON, Mass., USA – StreamServe, Inc., a leading provider of business communication solutions, today announced that it has added a unique, new online training environment to its StreamServe Learning program. Currently available, this new e-learning environment offers on-demand tools and capabilities to StreamServe's worldwide list of over 5,000 customers and partners. With on-demand access, trainees can gather, review and act upon information they need on StreamServe's products whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. In addition, the newly enhanced training program will now allow users to review and receive advanced training in Live Expert sessions, ensuring that they receive a complete understanding of the material. The new StreamServe Learning program also supports Web 2.0 communications, such as forums, chat rooms, video, etc., further enticing collaboration among participants.
By integrating StreamServe's regular in-depth classroom training with the new interactive capabilities of StreamServe Learning, customers and partners obtain a fully blended approach to learning, where collaboration amongst learners and subject matter experts is optimized. With the debut of the online learning system, StreamServe plans to roll out e-Packs, which will offer customers additional optimized blended learning solutions that are based on the traditional classroom and the new online training environment, maximizing best of both worlds.
"With the growing population of social media and Web 2.0 tools, businesses are demanding communication that meets the on-demand model," said Dennis Ladd, StreamServe president and CEO. "No longer are businesses willing to wait for information, nor should they need to. The new StreamServe Learning program meets the needs of today's business user by allowing them to receive training when and where it is convenient. And since our list of global customers continues to grow, it only makes sense to offer training that fits the on-demand world."
"As intensive StreamServe users, we are always interested in learning more about the new things we can achieve with the solutions," said Jos Fransen, applications manager information and integration, Stork Food Systems. "I participated in StreamServe's online training BETA program this summer and was very impressed by what StreamServe Learning now offers. The online training environment provides modular on-demand learning while meeting pedagogic requirements, allowing us to more easily maximize the full potential of StreamServe's software. In addition, it offers me reassurance that StreamServe is the best choice for business communications."
To learn more about the new StreamServe Learning program, please visit http://www.streamservelearning.com. A full online catalogue of all the courses offered by StreamServe Learning can be accessed here: http://bit.ly/2K84xR.
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