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RISO stakes claim as leading provider of high-speed cut-sheet inkjet systems

Press release from the issuing company

Danvers, MA – RISO, Inc., a leader in digital printing technology, today introduced a new website dedicated to educating the document production marketplace about Mid-Volume Transactional Output (MVTO).  RISO has defined the mid-volume transaction output segment as transactional printing (invoices, bills, statements, notices, checks, letters, etc.) in the range of 50,000 to five million pages per month.

Organizations routinely print and mail transactional documents to current and prospective customers, members, and stakeholders to generate revenue, communicate account status, and promote products and services.  These documents can be produced at corporate data centers and in-plant print shops or from external print service suppliers such as service bureaus, commercial printers and fulfillment houses.

At the high end of the transactional printing space, documents are typically produced on roll-fed monochrome electrophotographic (EP) and full-color inkjet presses with system costs ranging from several hundred thousand to several million dollars.  At the low end of this range, transactional documents are typically printed on cut-sheet electrophotographic (EP) printers and MFPs based on traditional copier platforms.  In between these high volume and low volume segments is the mid-volume segment, which is a widely underserved market space for affordable, full-color document production.

"RISO has pioneered the Mid-Volume Transaction Output (MVTO) segment with an affordable cut-sheet inkjet technology that complements roll-fed inkjet technology," said David Murphy, Vice President of Marketing for RISO, Inc.  "Our systems are being installed across North America as both a primary device in mid-volume environments and as a secondary device in high-volume environments.  For ultra high-volume users of the industry's biggest names in roll-fed inkjet systems, RISO is serving as a simple and affordable solution for reprints, proofs and short-runs."

With the increasing adoption of TransPromo document designs, color print volumes in the MVTO volume range are growing dramatically.  RISO's full color production cut-sheet inkjet printers uniquely serve this market by employing industrial grade Piezo inkjet printing technology, high-yield pigment inks and an advanced paper handling system to reliably feed paper stocks from 12 lb bond to 210 lb index.

RISO's ComColor inkjet printers are the fastest full-color cut sheet printers on the market today and offer a range of impressive features:
- Up to 150 full-color simplex or duplex images per minute
- Achievable duty-cycle of 500,000 images per month
- Full-color running costs of one-and-a-half to three cents per page
- Monochrome running costs of a half cent per page or less
- Optional MICR and production envelope printing capabilities
- A true Adobe Postscript 3TM and PDF controller
- Five models with acquisition costs ranging from $25,000 to $60,000

Small to mid-volume transaction print shops use ComColor as the primary print device to produce monochrome and full color documents on a wide range of paper stocks and sizes.  Large print-and-mail facilities use ComColor to facilitate scalable start-up color printing strategies, to produce short runs, to reprint damaged pages and to proof new layouts.

With low full-color start-up volumes, justifying multi-million dollar investments on new full-color inkjet presses may be difficult for some in today's economy.  ComColor provides a reliable, low-risk entry point and building-block approach for operations looking to match equipment investments to actual color-volume growth.   Unlike documents printed on EP devices, ComColor's Piezo inkjet technology replicates the look and feel of documents produced on high-speed inkjet presses, making ComColor the natural choice for reprints and short run jobs.  In addition, ComColor's optional MICR check printing unit and production envelope feeder provide unique business opportunities at affordable prices.

RISO created its new MVTO website to educate and interact with users in the mid- and high-volume transactional print marketplace about business issues and its unique color printing technology.  The website can be accessed at www.Outputlinks.com/riso and directly at www.us.riso.com/mvto.    OutputLinks.com is an information and research portal for the high volume transaction output (HVTO) industry and RISO is a sponsor of this portal.