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Sanoma Magazines Goes with WoodWing

Press release from the issuing company

Zaandam, The Netherlands – With almost 80 consumer magazines and about 180 Web sites, Sanoma Uitgevers – the Dutch division of Sanoma Magazines - is the biggest multimedia publisher in The Netherlands. Sanoma Magazines Belgium with its 25 titles holds a top position in Belgium. Both companies are part of Sanoma Magazines, one of Europe's leading magazine publishers.

"Sanoma Magazines has chosen Woodwing as a standard tool for supporting editorial processes in its companies, starting with Sanoma Magazines Belgium and Sanoma Uitgevers in The Netherlands. One of the main reasons is that Woodwing matches our functional requirements very well, not only for editorial processes, but also for our specific international needs since we are operating in 13 countries.", Eduard Boezer, IT manager at Sanoma Magazines says.

Libelle magazine was deliberately chosen for the pilot project because of the complexity and large scale of the editorial department. The reasoning was quite straightforward - a complex case would be the best way for the system to prove its merits. However, it was not just a technical proof, the business case also had to be made clear. The contribution to Sanoma Uitgevers' multimedia strategy, the efficiency gain and return on investment makes the final decision easy. WoodWing's Gold authorized solution partner PubliQare is in charge of the project.

"We're delighted to see that Sanoma has confirmed the business case that our solutions offer to publishers." Jeroen Sonnemans, Managing Director of WoodWing Europe says. "Also, our multi-channel approach to the publishing process, combined with an attractive pricing pays off."

For The Netherlands and Belgium together, the project encompasses more than 100 magazine titles and about 700 users. The publishing solution consists of WoodWing's Enterprise 6 with Content Station as editorial client application and Tell TIMONE for page-planning. The Belgian titles will be rolled out over a period of 12 months, whereas the Dutch roll-out will span 24 months.

Looking even further ahead, Sanoma has a vision to work toward a single-source publishing platform for all publication channels. Also, the remaining countries of Sanoma Magazines Group may eventually be moved over to the Enterprise platform.

"We're really looking forward to the actual roll-out of the many great titles Sanoma produces.", Jeroen Goemans, General Manager of Publiqare comments. "For PubliQare, this project is certainly one of the most interesting - and challenging - ones so far. We also have plenty ideas for the future, but first there is some work to be done."