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Van Gennep launches PlanSystem4 upgrade at IFRA

Press release from the issuing company

PlanSystem4 (PS4), the latest generation of publishing software from Van Gennep, makes its worldwide debut at IFRA Expo 2009 today. Previews of the system, developed from in-depth customer feedback, are available on stand A340.

Based on PlanSystem3, its highly successful predecessor, PlanSystem4 has a number of notable improvements, including cross-media publishing capabilities. According to Van Gennep CCO, Gerda Oppewal, "We understand the issues publishers face every day and this system takes us one step closer to the ultimate solution for planning, production control and digital workflow. It is modular and scaleable so that users can continue to respond to today's increasing publishing challenges – diversification of media including online, remote content and approvals, constantly evolving paginations, last minute changes and ever-shortening deadlines."

PlanSystem4 offers the following advantages:
Cross-media capabilities – an Article Editor and the enhanced use of XML enable structured data and content to be used throughout the entire workflow including archive and retrieval.
WebSolutions – faster browser-based tools give improved edition plan viewing as well as optimized publication progress tracking and production interrogation.
Improved reporting – reporting customization ensures production and archive data is delivered in formats that are most relevant to the user.
New Plug-ins for Adobe CS4 – a new intuitive interface provides seamless connectivity to the creative process with such features as auto page numbering and XML Article integration.
Integration with 3rd-party applications – enhances PlanSystem4's connectivity to the other essential publishing tools such as asset management systems and web CMS solutions as well as 'off-the-shelf' solutions for auto-PDF generation and reporting.
Phone browsing – allows scrolling through any flat plan or browsing of specific pages.

These improvements to PlanSystem will all boost workflow performance confirms Oppewal, "But two in particular signify a new direction for our future products. Firstly, the cross-media capability uses data in a more accurate, flexible, and adaptable way to improve functionality, overall efficiency and multi-media usability. Secondly, the ability to integrate seamlessly with advanced digital asset management systems provides an extended data backbone with total security from generation to archive and the collection and selection of assets.

"Built on the tried-and-tested foundation of PlanSystem3, these features are now accessible without a large capital investment, or the associated costs of training and installation. Guaranteed stability and performance, fast upgrades and flexibility for the future are the demands being made by today's market, and that's exactly what PlanSystem4 delivers."