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L2 releases strategy guide to personalized URL marketing

Press release from the issuing company

San Jose, CA – L2 today released a personalized URL strategy guide to alert marketers to the perils of relying too much on the novelty of the 'URL' and losing focus of the strategies to using the technology for customer conversion and brand interaction. The personalized URL strategy guide is available for viewing or for download at http://PurlStrategy.L2soft.com

A personalized URL, created in L2's Fuse platform, leads to a series of web pages that are dynamically generated for each customer. With Fuse, marketers can customize any element of the marketing piece to the individual including the content, imagery, offer and level of interaction and also include interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, social applications and variable data to engage each individual.

Wrich Printz, President and CEO, says, "Personalized URLs should be regarded as the key that gets you in the door. The vanity associated with personalized URLs might get you the 10 extra seconds of attention or the increased incentive for the customer to visit, but marketers still need to employ the strategies that actually provide the legwork in a targeted marketing campaign."

The strategy guide published by L2, outlines the benefits of using personalized URLs as an addition to a cross media marketing mix and provides a checklist of how marketing can benefit from personalized URL campaigns. Some of the benefits outlined by L2 include tracking, trigger-based follow-up, the timely inclusion of sales in the marketing process, lead scoring to identify the individuals most likely to buy and viral marketing applications.

The personalized URL strategy guide reflects on the important role that marketers play in the success of cross media campaigns using personalized URLs. The unique knowledge marketers have of their business, industry and customer segments complemented with customer information from their CRM are what L2 identifies as the true drivers of personalized marketing campaign success.
Wrich says, "Marketing budgets have started to move more significantly from traditional media to more direct and social marketing channels. This shift also requires a corresponding change in marketing strategies to one that involves deeper interaction and an intricate understanding of the buying process of each customer."