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TECHKON announces the Spectroject Spectro-Densitometer

Press release from the issuing company

Danvers, MA – Today, TECHKON – the world leader in color and plate measurement technology and instrumentation – announces the TECHKON SpectroJet. Once again, TECHKON satisfies the rising worldwide demand for faster, easier, and more accurate color measurement tools for the press room.  Engineered and designed on industry-leading proprietary technology, the TECHKON SpectroJet is a semi-automated scanning spectrophotometer for the pressroom. This new device is equipped with a switchable polarizing filter and can scan entire ink zone control strips in seconds – all while delivering spectral and density measurement data via an industry standard USB connection to a PC running TECHKON Expresso software.

The SpectroJet reduces non-productive set-up time and enables accurate and fast press adjustments. This translates into shorter make-ready, less paper and ink waste, and exacting color control.

Key advantages of the TECHKON SpectroJet include:

•    Scan an ink zone control strips at a rate of six inches per second.
•    Easily scan extremely small color patches.
•    Use as a scanning device or as a hand-held for spot check measurements.
•    G7 functionality with recommended CMY density ink zone adjustments to obtain neutral values according to G7 specifications.
•    Ink zone control strip can be located and measured anywhere on the press sheet.
•    Polarizing filter can be switched on/off with the touch of a button.

Ulrich Krzyminski, Managing Director of TECHKON GmbH says, "The SpectroJet glides effortlessly on four wheels, allowing it to deliver a high level of repeatability and accuracy.  We've incorporated the same spectrophotometer engine – widely used with our Techkon handheld, scanning and In-line spectrophotometers – into this latest TECHKON scanning product. This strategy ensures excellent inter-instrument agreement throughout the entire TECHKON spectrophotometer product line".

The TECHKON SpectroJet is the latest addition to a product portfolio of powerful press room color measurement solutions. The SpectroJet extends the line of high-performance hand-held and scanning press room instruments that include:

•    TECHKON SpectroDens – a highly accurate spectrophotometer and easy-to-use densitometer.
•    TECHKON SpectroPlate – a high resolution digital microscope that measures dot percentage, screen angles, and dot gain transfer curves for traditional offset or process-less, chemistry-free printing plates.
•    TECHKON SpectroDrive – a device that scans entire ink zone control strips in seconds while simultaneously sending spectral and density measurement data wirelessly to a PC running TECHKON Expresso software.