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New software integrates with Pageflex Storefront

Press release from the issuing company

Waltham, MA - NAPC today announced the release of DASH , a groundbreaking software tool that seamlessly integrates with the best of breed, Pageflex Storefront, allowing franchisees, retailers, and distributors of chain operations to generate coupons quickly and simply.

DASH dramatically reduces the cost of generating coupons and other variable data. Now, for the first time, end users can utilize a single variable template to create hundreds of coupons and offers with different prices or designs without needing a graphic arts' or design background.

Just plug in the pricing and product information to designated areas in the template and the software does the rest. The result is a page with multiple coupons ready for their printer of choice or for their web site for daily or weekly publishing.

" Many franchisees or distributors go through a long, expensive, and painful process creating coupons themselves or sending complex directions to their printers or web-site designers" says Sheldon Yarmovsky, Director of Publishing Solutions at NAPC. "With DASH, the whole process is automated. No matter how many coupons or prices are necessary. Just fill in the template and off it goes through Pageflex Storefront to the commercial printer or web publisher. All corporate branding is set up as defaults in the templates. A CMO can be assured of brand quality, no matter which franchisee or distributor fills out the template or which print service provider prints the coupons, said Yarmovsky.

"Ad Agencies or Commercial Printers can utilize DASH to provide couponing solutions to their Franchisor or Manufacturing clients and they can add new sources of revenue by providing these time and expense saving solutions to their clients", said Kenny Kirsch, Director of Strategic Solutions at NAPC.

Pageflex Storefront customers can purchase DASH as a plug-in to their system and new DASH customers can utilize Pageflex Storefront for other variable data and storefront applications, like templatized ordering of traditional printing and Point of Purchase materials.

Pricing and Availability
DASH is now available for sale exclusively through NAPC. Call NAPC for specific pricing information. Purchase of the DASH includes full installation services from NAPC.