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Web-to-Print is in the cards at Villanova University!

Press release from the issuing company

As students head back to campus, parents anticipate that first phone call home asking for money.  In the case of Villanova University, it might be for a good reason.  Wildcard is the name of Villanova's Campus Card ID system, and parents can easily electronically add money to a student's account online.  Students use Wildcard to pay for meals, laundry services and even tickets to sporting events.  Now, Wildcard can be used to order print jobs from the school's two print centers.
Along with faculty and staff, students need to print assignments, term papers, and even résumés at graduation time and they want those jobs produced on high quality production printers.  The school's print center adopted WebCRD from Rochester Software Associates, Inc. to facilitate on-line web-based job submission and automated production.  Now, thanks to RSA's partnership with The CBORD Group, Inc., provider of the school's card system, users can pay for print jobs with the same ID card they use throughout the university.
"The integration between WebCRD from RSA and the CS Gold campus card solution from CBORD makes it easy for cardholders to print documents quickly and easily, and helps the university reduce labor and overhead costs," says Read Winkelman, Vice President of Sales for Colleges & Universities, The CBORD Group, Inc. "Villanova is a recognized leader in providing high-quality campus card services to its university community, and this is another example of the university's willingness to seek out new ways to serve an evolving student population."
"Students wanted to be able to submit their papers and reports -often a mix of color and black-and-white pages-anytime of the day or night and not have to think about the printing process," according to Michael George, Director of Central Services. "Professors wanted to finish writing exams at home and then submit the exams to be ready for an early morning class."
Students, faculty and staff simply log into their own account on the system and submit their documents in a completely secure process. Upon production, Villanova faculty and staff orders are hand delivered, while students pick up their jobs at the Bartley print center where most production work takes place. LDAP support aligned perfectly with Villanova IT directives to manage user access centrally.
"WebCRD talks to our production printer, tells it what the job specs are and it rolls right through," noted George.  "And on top of that, we use less labor. The manual process had four or five people 'touching'' a job. Now we have no more than two or three, which makes us a lot more efficient."
Another key requirement was ensuring every job will print correctly regardless of the native application or fonts being used. SurePDF, RSA's PDF Print Driver for WebCRD, based on Adobe PDF JobReady, delivers an efficient and predictable workflow for online submission.
"RSA's solutions are right at home, even on campus," observed Tim Kelly, Sr. Vice President at RSA.  "Many of our features are the direct result of requests from our education customers.  Approval Authority allows administrators to approve, deny, or change job details if desired.  Advanced Job Cost Estimating allows print centers to offer different rate sheets for different types of customers, such as faculty, students, and alumni.  AutoFlow allows simple jobs to print automatically, on the most appropriate printer for the job, allowing the print center operators to focus on higher value jobs and allow them to produce higher volumes with faster turnaround.  Campus Card Integration is another great example of why WebCRD is ideal for school systems and higher education."
RSA's workflow solutions are available through RSA's partners and directly from RSA.  For more information, visit www.rocsoft.com and view a Flash demo of the new WebCRD Document Preview at www.rocsoft.com/preview!