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Graphic Ventures, New Ownership

Press release from the issuing company

ATLANTA -- When Dr. G.R. Link and Kevin D. Jackson recently acquired the Atlanta-based Graphic Ventures, Inc. printing company, they did more than just take on a business turn around - they took on the challenge of helping reinvent an industry.

With more than 27 years providing "big printer" capability and advertising solutions to retailers and businesses, Graphic Ventures, Inc. had a strong history, an impressive record of employee loyalty and an established reputation that made purchasing it a no-brainer. There was only one concern: a printing industry notoriously in decline.

"The decline is mainly due to the displacement of print by digital technology, particularly internet technology," cites Link, now CEO of Graphic Ventures, "However, the unity of print and the internet, publication 2.0, is the answer, providing the most effective way to deliver key audiences and improve ROI's for anyone requiring marketing collateral, sales booklets, brochures, etc." With more than 20 years of driving companies from white-board concept to production, Link understands the need for innovation in the marketplace and is bringing that spirit to Graphic Ventures.

She's teamed up with Jackson, an entrepreneur with more than 18 years in leading the growth of companies like Arris International, Spherion and Workstream. Together with CFO Peter Pasternack, they crafted a vision that positions the company's traditional print operations as an ally in the push to help advertisers reach new buyers, even as print circulations decline.

"We are converging an old-world industry in need of innovation with new media solutions in need of solid brick-and-mortar grounding," explains Jackson, now President & COO of Graphic Ventures, Inc. "To do this, we will embrace the true meaning of partnership and provide new agility to create cost-effective and high-quality products, services and solutions to enable publishers, advertisers and other content providers to solve problems for their customers."

That meant developing a revolutionary growth strategy to generate more "eyes" for advertisers who rely on Graphic Ventures' content distribution services, a strategy enabling customers to enhance distribution and increase the return on their print dollars--in short, publication 2.0.

Along the way, Jackson and Link became pioneers as owners one of the country's only minority-owned half-web printing presses. The connotation isn't lost on them; both count trailblazing as a key element in the future success of Graphic Ventures--and the printing industry as a whole. "Our customers can expect new products and services coming rapidly online that they can seamlessly integrate into their own sales strategy. This will give them the competitive advantage to survive and grow in this economy," Link says. Pasternack adds, "I'm excited by the direction we're taking. We're building on a rich history and blending it with new, exciting, and accessible technology."

To learn more about Graphic Ventures, Inc., visit www.graphicventuresinc.com or call 800-691-9574.