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PageDNA Integrates with QuickBooks

Press release from the issuing company

PageDNA - a leading provider of print e-commerce solutions since 1997 - announces the immediate availability of PageDNA QB-Bridge - a module that adds a seamless integration between PageDNA storefronts and Intuit's popular QuickBooks accounting platform.

Solutions for Today's Print Marketplace

"Everyone is talking about managing print with fewer touches these days," said PageDNA President Doug Ballinger.  "This module automates the tedious and sometimes error-prone process of re-keying or transcribing order data collected in a print ordering storefront into QuickBooks. Customers have reported saving several man-days per month with PageDNA's QuickBooks integration."

While customers increasingly expect fewer or no touches in many digital workflow scenarios, there remain gaps - especially between "print systems", be they web-to-print or Print MIS and business systems such as accounting. In looking at the landscape of potential accounting packages with which to integrate, QuickBooks was the obvious choice since it is the most widely used accounting package for small and medium size businesses.

Dan Hawk, owner of On Demand Press and PageDNA customer for over 5 years, said, "When processing anywhere from 200-300 orders per month, anything to automate the invoicing process is EXTREMELY advantageous.  The PageDNA to QuickBooks integration has saved me over 3 hours of time per day.   don't 'Miss' orders anymore. It is truly a valuable asset to On Demand Press."

"Adding a seamless link to QuickBooks was a logical next step for us", said Steve Enstad, Sales for PageDNA.  "With our recent addition of online estimation capabilities, we've now created an affordable and touchless solution to handle print orders all the way from order to invoice."

QB Bridge for QuickBooks Overview

The PageDNA QB-Bridge module allows your QuickBooks accounting application to "listen" for completed orders from PageDNA Storefronts. When an order is marked as shipped, the order queues up for automatic import into QuickBooks. When you open your QuickBooks application, the order is downloaded and ready to be invoiced.   Line item-level order details and costs are imported to ensure you can cross reference invoices to orders.

Configuration Options

Depending on how you invoice your customers, orders may be "pooled" for summary billing on a regular schedule (e.g. Monthly Summary Invoice) or each order can generate it's own unique invoice upon completion. The QuickBooks integration is easy to set-up and emphasizes automation throughout, including the following features:

•  Automatic setup of the QuickBooks desktop distributor transport through a wizard

•  Automatic creation of customers populated from the ship company field on the shipping page of PageDNA storefronts

•  Automatic creation of items in QuickBooks before the invoice is posted

•  Posting of the invoice into QuickBooks upon order approval

•  Automatic monitoring for updates to ensure you have the most recent PageDNA QB-Bridge version installed


The PageDNA-QB Bridge module works with both QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks Online.