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Edelmann Intors bearer based sleeve inserts

Press release from the issuing company

Edelmann Graphics has announced the debut of its bearer based sleeve inserts, which will be utilized in the second generation of the shaftless Edelmann COLOR PRINT V Series presses and will be known as the STAR Print, with STAR being short for ‘Sleeve Technology Advanced Rotation’.

This revolutionary sleeve technology provides a solution which accepts the plate and blanket sleeves in an offset insert, allowing any size of print format to be changed quickly and inexpensively. Coupled with the STAR Print’s ability to accept not just offset inserts in the towers, but also flexo, gravure, silkscreen and adhesive inserts, this provides the printer with a true ‘OPEN PLATFORM’ capability. The printer can print in any combination that is required, regardless of ink laydown, quality, heat or substrate issues.

The sleeves are made from Carbon Fiber and have precision internal bearers fitted to provide a stable image carrier, which is NOT heat sensitive as this can cause problems with the image and the ink/water. The sleeves will be readily available from a number of suppliers and are light for quick changeovers and easy storage. The inserts have been thoroughly tested with several film materials and continue to run successfully at beta sites on presses that are producing flexible packaging.

In addition to the quick changeovers with sleeves, the STAR Print is fitted with many new advanced controls to ensure that job information can be pre-loaded into the press, such as preset ink and water profiles as well as register and impression. This allows the STAR Print to be profitable for shorter runs and also offer lean manufacturing for the larger jobs.

With the increasing demands of health and beauty as well as FMCG packaging, the STAR Print will provide an efficient printing platform for a variety of films, PS stock, foil and carton. The substrate thickness ranges from ? thousandths up to 18 point, with a special edition up to 26 point carton.

Drying options include  EB, UV, Hot Air and IR, which offer direct contact applications. A print format range from 20”– 44”, full-size folding carton products can be produced, including the options to die-cut and strip with a rotary die-cutter.

The STAR Print is available in web widths of 20 ?”, 30” and 36”, is equipped with 4 form rollers for substantial rolling power and is capable of running at 1300 feet/minute.

Automatic register control will be fitted as standard and the impression cylinder will be independently driven to allow for extensible and heat sensitive materials. There will also be presets to allow for different materials thicknesses.

Matik, Inc. represents Edelmann in North America. Edelmann is based in Beerfelden, Germany, has installed over 3500 presses worldwide and is known for its robust and reliable web offset presses. The sleeve technology has been developed and tested in the last 3 years.

Chris Davis, VP Sales & Operations at Matik, states “The STAR Print is a second generation of the “so called web offset sleeve presses,” and leapfrogs over the existing technology. It is unique as a true open platform, in the narrow to mid web sector. The early issues with sleeves in competitive machines have been addressed in the Edelmann solution, with a different material and construction so the image carrier is stable and rigid, an important feature when printing half tones. The STAR Print will be introduced to the flexible packing, labels and folding carton producers in the third quarter this year.”

For more information, please contact Chris Davis ph.:  (860) 232-2323 EXT.114 or [email protected].