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Neenah Expands Its Color Theory Tool

Press release from the issuing company

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Following the highly successful launch of the revolutionary new Think Ink: Color Unleashed iPhone application, Neenah Paper (NYSE: NP) has introduced the coordinating, must have print component of its innovative design and color theory system - the Think Ink:  Color Unleashed guide.  This vital paper and print reference tool for designers and printers showcases the industry's leading CLASSIC CREST and CLASSIC Linen Papers and demonstrates how these beautiful FSC-certified/Carbon Neutral papers will print even the most creative color palettes.
Neenah Paper has partnered with Dewey Sadka, one of the country's leading color theorists, to create a proprietary application to let the user build custom color palettes in a whole new way. Using the scientifically validated Dewey Color System, Think Ink allows the user to explore the psychological meanings of color, ink and paper combinations before even turning on the computer. 

"The ability to incorporate the psychology of color is just one valuable aspect of this book," says Tom Wright, director of design for Neenah Paper. "The daily value is how it illustrates to designers what the same ink colors look like on more than 50 paper colors and finishes, including digital print samples. The goal is to help designers feel comfortable in moving the paper specification process to the front of their design process."

Each CLASSIC CREST and CLASSIC Linen paper from white to light, mid-tone and deep rich dark saturated colors are printed the same way. The darkest colors show metallic inks, foil and even embossing to help demonstrate how these papers can add value and impact to the design.

A paper industry first, Neenah's Think Ink guide also provides a direct digital printing comparison by including CLASSIC CREST and CLASSIC Linen digital papers with their Universal Digital Print Surface.  By using the same imagery, it's easy to compare digital to offset.  These digital papers are available in three colors, four weights and four digital sizes and optimized for use with the HP Indigo, Xerox iGen and the Kodak NexPress.

Adds Wright, "We want to encourage users to unleash their desire to bring color to their next project. When used in combination with the powerful new Think Ink iPhone and iPod Touch app, the guide presents unlimited opportunities and provides unmatched confidence to create, explore and print with on Neenah papers."  

Today, Neenah Paper has combined the convenience of today's technology with what it knows best -paper.  And by doing so, offers the best of both worlds to support and inspire designers and printers.   For a copy of the Think Ink:  Color Unleashed guide, contact a Neenah Paper sales representative or merchant.