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Heidelberg Earns 2009 InterTech Award

Press release from the issuing company

Kennesaw, Ga. -- Heidelberg's Prinect Press Center featuring an innovative Wallscreen and Intellistart process-oriented operating platform is the winner of a 2009 InterTech Award presented by Printing Industries of America (PIA). Available on all Heidelberg Speedmaster presses in any format size since drupa 2008, the high-performance Prinect Press Center combines state-of-the-art technology, smart automation and comprehensive data management to ensure efficient production and provide the long-term investment security print companies need.
"In the opinion of our judges, Heidelberg's Prinect Press Center redefines the operation of a sheetfed press by simplifying and streamlining the interaction of the user with the press by means of the Wallscreen interface and the Intellistart navigation system," said Mark Bohan, Printing Industries of America Vice President, Technology and Research.
Added James Dunn, President, Heidelberg USA, "The nature of our industry today demands that printers monitor every element of the entire production process as efficiently as possible. The new Prinect Press Center answers this need with a new operational concept that minimizes both time and effort, and ensures the consistently high-quality results our customers have a right to expect."

New Platform
The Prinect Press Center raises the bar on performance, efficient production, and user-friendly operation of sheetfed printing presses. The highly innovative Prinect Press Center enables all tasks – from job preparation and press setup to print sheet measurement and evaluation – to be accomplished faster, more accurately, and with greater reliability than ever before. Ergonomics have been meticulously planned to the last detail and are reflected in the platform design. The Press Center is composed of three main components: The Press Center itself, the highly innovative and unique Wallscreen, and the new Intellistart navigation system that is standard for all Speedmaster models.
The winner of a 2008 Good Design Award for its futuristic appearance and ergonomic features, Heidelberg's Prinect Press Center is distinguished by its ease of use. The large, diagonal sheet deposit board, combined with standard daylight lamps, ensures optimal viewing conditions. The 19-inch touch screen features clear operator guidance, and the adjustable screen can be moved side-to-side and angled vertically for ergonomic control of the system. Additional drawer space is provided to accommodate the needs of the press operator.
One of the main advantages of the Prinect Press Center is the operating philosophy that remains unique to Heidelberg Speedmaster presses: complete operation of the press facilitated using a single color touchscreen monitor. For presses equipped with either Prinect Axis Control or 2008 InterTech Award-winning Prinect Inpress Control, these color measurement systems are also operated through the same interface, greatly simplifying the operation of the printing press.
Wizard-Guided Process Automation
Intellistart software is an innovative, process-oriented navigation system that significantly boosts Speedmaster productivity and provides a competitive advantage. While the current job is running, Intellistart records the operating parameters and compares them to the requirements for the next, incoming job. Any necessary changes required are recommended to operator, who can allow the system to apply the changes automatically, or, at his or her discretion, can confirm the changeover sequences using the Intellistart wizard-guided user interface. The result is up to 70 percent fewer operations needed to set up the press for the subsequent job. The system can even be programmed to automatically activate wash-up programs and switch off the press at the end of the shift. Depending on the number of jobs and their complexity, annual production capacities can be increased by as much as 8 percent; however, the biggest benefit is realized by the reduction of unintentional errors resulting in wasted time and materials.
Straightforward control of unit operation results in greater production efficiency and output and helps ensure that all press operators begin from a common starting point, ensuring better continuity in printing between different operators and different shifts. The Prinect Press Center minimizes the time spent on each job while ensuring reliable print quality. All of the system's job and presetting data for the press can be entered through the exceptionally user-friendly 19" color touchscreen.
The new operating platform makes it easy for operators to keep track of the entire printing process, including the activation/deactivation of printing, dampening, inking, and coating units. It is also possible to preset the printing speed, record OK sheets and waste, control sheet travel and regulate dryer settings as well as the volumes of blast and air suction.
The Prinect Press Center is also a streamlined interface to the JDF-integrated Prinect workflow, as well as a variety of widely available Print Management Information Systems. As a result, operators can retrieve complete job and production data at any time, adopt presetting data, and initiate printing processes. Production reports are always up-to-date, as the Prinect Press Center provides the management information system (MIS) and Prinect Pressroom Manager with continuous production data. Press reports are also available through the use of a simple Internet browser, making production data readily available to approved recipients.
The Wallscreen: Easy on the Eyes
A unique, high-definition LCD Wallscreen integrated into the Press Center's ambient light shield gives users a complete overview of all press processes, including color measurement results, a transparent cross-section of the Speedmaster with a dynamic simulation of all of its functions and a display of the print sheet with ink zones in their actual width. Additional Prinect applications, such as the Prinect Scheduler and Press Reports, as well the interactive help menus and Machine Component Scout may also be displayed. The Wallscreen is also the user interface for presses configured with the fully integrated defect detection system, Prinect Inspection Control. Needless to say, the Wallscreen also functions as an impressive print approval tool.
The coveted InterTech stars, recognized as a symbol of technological innovation and excellence, will be presented before an audience of industry leaders during the 2009 Printing Industries of America Premier Print and InterTech Awards Gala to be held Sept. 13 in Chicago during Print 09.