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Second Presstek 52DI Press Installed at City Colors

Press release from the issuing company

Hudson, NH – February 20, 2007 – Presstek, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing business solutions for the graphic arts markets, today announced that City Colors, a leading printer offering services to the printing trade, experienced such immediate value from its recently installed Presstek 52DI digital offset press that the company quickly purchased and installed the second of the new Presstek systems. “Within 30 days of installing our first 52DI, it was clear that we would benefit from adding a second 52DI press,” said Miguel Infante, City Color’s vice president. “We experienced tremendous benefits in increased quality, expanded production capacity, faster makeready, automation, and larger sheet size with the new press. We have owned Heidelberg Quickmaster DI presses since 1998 and although two of these DI presses are paid for and functioning well, the decision to replace them with Presstek 52DIs was so obvious we quickly responded to the opportunity to expand our capabilities.” Since the introduction of the first Presstek-enabled DI press to the market in 1991, Presstek has continued to apply innovative advances to both the imaging system and plates in DI presses to increase quality, while improving speed, reliability and overall price performance. The latest generation DI press, the Presstek 52DI, images all four plates simultaneously on-press in perfect register, and outputs a 16 micron spot with automated support for 300 lpi printing and FM screening. In addition, it automatically adjusts the amount of ink according to the image on each plate. All of this results in very high-quality output and a makeready time significantly faster than other offset printing process. File-to-sellable printed sheet occurs in 10 minutes. And the DI prints up to 10,000 impressions per hour with a maximum image area of 20.07 x 14.17 inches per sheet; one of the largest print areas available in its class. More Volume, Higher Quality, Increased Customer Satisfaction In its DI operation, City Colors is primarily producing business cards and postcards for other printers. Because the firm is running some 15 to 20 ganged jobs per day per press with an average run length of 1,000 impressions, Infante reports significant benefits from the increased quality and the larger sheet size which enables more business cards or postcards to be produced in each job. “While we averaged 30 minutes per job on the Quickmaster we were only able to produce 150 lpi printing,” says Infante, “With the 52DI, we are able to produce the same ganged run of 24 business cards in about 20 minutes, with virtually no manual intervention and with significantly higher quality at 300 lpi. Infante adds, “Saving ten minutes per job doesn’t sound like a lot, but with the volume we run per day, that saved time gives us the ability to run six to eight more jobs per week per press without adding shifts or personnel. Furthermore, we can now produce as many as 10 additional jobs per sheet due to the larger 52DI sheet size. And our customers are delighted with the improvement in quality of the printed output.” “City Colors was looking for a way to improve both the quality and productivity in its digital offset operation,” said Emile Tabassi, Presstek’s vice president of North American sales. “The Presstek 52DI not only increases the printable area per sheet by 20%, the makeready is twice as fast as their previous press at double the resolution which results in higher quality. Like other DI customers, City Colors has discovered that the 52DI is not only a press, it is also a business growth engine.”