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CIP4 Announces Milestone in Industry Interoperability

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Washington, DC -- The International Cooperation for the Integration of the Processes in Prepress, Press and Postpress (CIP4) organization announced that the JDF Interoperability Matrix (the "Matrix") has topped over 500 pairings. The Matrix shows what integrations via JDF are available between vendors of graphic arts systems and is organized to show the relationship between those systems that organize and send work to other devices and those devices that consume the JDF and conduct work accordingly.

While not a technical reference, the Matrix is a popular and valuable tool for printers. JDF-enabled systems are capable of being integrated in an automated and networked environment, but equipment still needs to be set-up and tested prior to operations. "While two devices may be cable of using JDF to communicate, in set-up, the systems in a workflow need to know what a new device is specifically capable of doing and what it's limitations, capacities and so forth are," said CIP4 Education and Marketing Officer, Mark Wilton of Wilton & Partners Consulting Inc. "If there is a working integration between two devices already in the field, then subsequent installations are much easier and less expensive. In fact, for several JDF-enabled MIS systems and prepress system adding a known device can be a simple as picking name from a list." Interface listings in the Matrix may have one of four "statuses":

* "In Progress," this means that two vendors have a regular relationship and have an interface in development.
* "Available," which means that an interface between systems from the two vendors is establish and available for purchase and installation.
* "Installed," which means that the interface between the systems of the two vendors is installed a printer's shop.
* "Customer Confirmed," which is the highest level and means that a printer has confirmed with a CIP4 staff member that the installation is not just installed, but is used in daily production and meets or exceeds the user's expectations.  

"The JDF Integration Matrix is an exciting program. Since its introduction last Spring at Drupa, the Matrix has been growing constantly," said CIP4 CEO Margaret Motamed of EFI. "Today, there are over 60 additional integrations in the system waiting for various verifications and checks and more are being added every day. It has become the most dynamic reference that CIP4 provides to the industry." The JDF Matrix is published at the beginning of each month as a dynamic HTML page that users can control with their specifications as well as a PDF that can be printed on the desktop. To access the JDF Integration Matrix, visit http://www.cip4.org/matrix.