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PuzzleFlow Releases WebPairer 3.0

Press release from the issuing company

Novi, MI -- PuzzleFlow Solutions USA is very happy to announce the release of WebPairer 3.0.  Building on the rapid success of PuzzleFlow Automator, a unique software product that helps newspapers automate their prepress and cut costs, the addition of WebPairer 3.0 rounds out the full functionality expected by PuzzleFlow customers.

The US development team of PuzzleFlow decided to build upon the solid foundation set by their European counterpart who has helped several newspapers in Europe achieve the highest level of automation.

WebPairer is a world-class PDF page pairing workflow that delivers all the capability expected of advanced newspaper production.  Features such as direct printing, double trucks, creep, fan-out/web growth compensation, color remapping, color management and PDF preflight, fixing and optimization are all included in a user-friendly 100% web interface.  WebPairer fully supports º, Ω and æ web configurations up to 16-up and multi-section and multi-press run layouts take only seconds to setup.

ìSales are already taking off for the new version, and we are excited about the opportunity to help the newspaper industry re-invent its production capabilities in order to achieve the necessary cost-cutting and efficiency for future success,î says Richard Laframboise, Operations Manager of PuzzleFlow Solutions USA.  ìLook for additional product announcements that will benefit our strategic partners and end-users.î

WebPairer is the first PDF prepress workflow built with the intention of automating everything possible in the prepress arena of newspaper production.  Whether print production occurs in-house or is transmitted to a remote print facility, PuzzleFlow is designed to meet all needs.  Factor in the systemís ability to integrate into a siteís ad booking, tracking, and layout systems and it is quickly determined that PuzzleFlow can deliver the highest level of automation to any size newspaper.

Our remote client, PuzzleFlow Express, makes it easy for remote offices to perform PDF preflight and normalization without having to upload the file to determine if it has been optimized for the workflow.  With built-in Normalization, Preflight and transparent upload, PuzzleFlow Express is ideally suited for multi-site consolidation.