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callas Offers XMP Metadata Extension editor to PDF/A

Press release from the issuing company

Berlin, Germany -- At the 3rd international PDF/A Conference, to be held from June 18 to 19 in Berlin, callas software will present its new pdfaPilot 2. callas pdfaPilot 2 is a professional tool for validating and/or creating PDF/A files, compliant with ISO standard 19005-1. The new callas pdfaPilot goes beyond its core archiving and offers first-in-industry XMP Metadata Extension Schema Editor. callas products are available in the Americas from Tools4Media www.tools4media.com

callas pdfaPilot has a proven track record as an archiving solution for businesses and government agencies, or anyone with a need to store and maintain documents for the future.

The new callas pdfaPilot 2 converts any PDF into valid ISO 19005-1 compliant PDF/A documents, whether the PDF has been created with Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, or is an interactive form, invoice, technical drawing, product documentation, or publications like newspapers, magazines or books.

Beyond archiving

callas pdfaPilot 2 extends the reach of its features to go beyond its core archiving functionality. The software comes with an intuitive interface – a dashboard that allows preparation of PDFs, as needed, in an office environment. callas pdfaPilot 2 enables the user to resize, rotate, combine or split pages, embed or substitute fonts, optimize colors for output or online use, or to easily create animated presentations, print optimized handouts or print-ready booklets or whatever is required. callas pdfaPilot 2 becomes a great tool for PDF-users, even if they have nothing to do with archiving, but with, to name something, marketing.

Preserve your company metadata

callas' products are marked by their constant success in innovation: callas pdfaPilot 2 introduces the first-in-industry XMP Metadata Extension Schema Editor. This tool puts an end to the tiresome and time consuming task of creating and including extension schemas for custom metadata fields as required by the PDF/A-1 standard. pdfaPilot automatically embeds company specific metadata schemas inside PDF/A files, ready to be archived and ensuring full PDF/A-1 compliance.

Olaf Drümmer, Managing Director from callas software, adds: "callas software is very proud of the new version 2 of pdfaPilot. Now that many organisations have actually implemented large scale PDF/A archiving workflows and the validation and conversion of PDF/A as such has been mastered, the essential details, like PDF/A compliant handling of custom metadata, emerge. callas software is the first vendor in the industry to offer an interactive tool to develop and maintain XMP custom metadata structures. This is no longer limited to specialists – pdfaPilot has virtually democratized the use of XMP metadata."

callas pdfaPilot 2 continues to be available as a desktop and a server version. The desktop version can be run as an independent application. While optimised for use as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 8 or 9 Pro, the user can choose to run pdfaPilot 2 stand-alone, hence in conjunction with Adobe Acrobat Elements or Standard, as well as any other modern PDF viewer. The desktop version of callas pdfaPilot runs on Windows or Mac. The server version can easily be integrated into any existing workflow environments and is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

For integration in other environments, callas pdfaPilot is available as Command Line Interface and as a Software Development Kit, and supports the Windows, Linux, Sun, AIX and Mas OS X platforms.