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FineEye Color Solutions Announces ICEserver

Press release from the issuing company

Mountain View, CA -- FineEye Color Solutions, Inc. introduces ICEserver, the industry's first software solution to optimize PDF files for commercial printing, resulting in a wider printable gamut, increased dynamic range, and reduced manufacturing costs for the print provider. ICEserver will make its formal debut at the 2009 IPA Technical Conference in Rosemont, IL. June 8-10. Chromaticity, the leader in distribution and deployment of color management and digital imaging technologies, has been named FineEye's distribution partner for North America.

ICEserver utilizes MediaMap Models (M3) and ICE (Intelligent Color Engine), FineEye's next generation color technologies, to perform the complex job of balancing the most critical variables at play in the printing process. PDF files are processed – or "ICEd" - prior to imaging and produce dramatic press room benefits that are immediately obvious. First, a 20% increase in printable gamut - with existing inks - can be realized while tonality and grey balance are maintained. Second, much faster make readies are seen with less paper and ink wastage. Onpress benefits continue with notable improvements in color quality and stability with up to 40% less CMY ink usage. Heat-set and cold-set customers are then seeing faster drying times. Foremost Graphics of Grand Rapids, Michigan is among FineEye's first ICEserver customers. Paul Kelly, Foremost CEO, had this to say, "It is our belief that this is the most revolutionary technology in CMYK printing to come to our attention in years. ICEserver is a significant technology that has already had a tremendous impact on our business and has the potential to impact the entire print industry."

FineEye's ICEserver software gives commercial sheet, web, flexo and gravure printers the ability to offer their customers a new level of premium quality printing across a broad range of printing stocks while at the same time easily integrating with existing workflows and print standards. Chromaticity's president, Peder Nelson, says, "ICEserver is a game-changing solution for our customers. In our 20 years of print industry experience, we see ICEserver as the first software product to reliably improve print quality while also reducing a printer's time and material costs. As the print industry continues to mature, ICEserver adds value to the provider and the buyer. That's a true win-win."

Another ICEserver customer, Sean Murray, CEO of Advocate Printing and Publishing in Nova Scotia said, "Many of our clients have commented on the quality improvements and sharpness of our printing. The only other time we heard such positive comments was after investing millions in new press equipment. Given the comparatively small investment, ICEserver has had a significant impact on our organization and our clients' satisfaction."

FineEye CEO, Steve MacDonald, is no stranger to image processing and printing. MacDonald was employee #3 at Adobe Systems and over the years he has heard a number of companies claim to improve print quality and save ink, but always seemingly at the cost of unacceptable trade-offs. MacDonald says about ICEserver, "FineEye is thrilled to be in a position to offer the commercial print industry such dramatic potential to improve print quality, competitiveness and operational efficiency, while at the same time reducing overall manufacturing costs."

For more information about ICEserver, or to arrange a trial evaluation, please visit the FineEye website at www.fineeyecolor.com or call Chromaticity, FineEye's North American distributor at (616) 988-6119 or visit www.chromaticity.com/products/iceserver.