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Advanced Graphics Printing expands with new Goss M-800 web press

Press release from the issuing company

Advanced Graphics Printing (AGP) in Puerto Rico reports that a new Goss M-800 press is providing premium print quality, expanded capacity and higher pagination capabilities – all key considerations when the company decided to add the 4x4 web press to complement existing 2x4, 16-page presses.

The new 70,000 iph, two-web Goss system went into production in the spring, two weeks ahead of schedule, and is intended to address current as well as future production requirements, according to Joel Acevedo, senior vice president and general manager at AGP.

"Approximately 80 percent of our production is advertising circulars, or 'shoppers', for a variety of large U.S. retailers including JC Penney, Macy's, Sears and K-Mart," Acevedo explains. "All demand the highest quality print to ensure brand consistency and all were requesting greater production flexibility in order to include the most up-to-date offers in their printed circulars."

AGP made its press investment during challenging economic times, but Acevedo contends that the new press creates new opportunities and that standing still was not an option. "As we were running at almost full capacity, we had two options – to buy a new press or start to lose our client base," he explains. "The market was asking for better prices, more flexibility and different formats, and we couldn't offer this without investing."

Introduced in 2008, the double-circumference M-800 press combines design elements from the Goss M-1000 press model, such as conventional flat blankets, with advances from the Sunday press range, including multidrive technology, bearerless cylinders and a 12-roll inking and dampening system to ensure premium print quality.

The eight-unit press at AGP was installed in a stacked configuration and is equipped with Contiweb CS splicers, Ecocool dryers and a JF-70 collect folder. Goss International also supplied Omnicon controls and its Goss Web Center digital workflow modules.

The 4x4 format and the ability to produce products with up to 64 pages with the two-web configuration were vital in selecting the M-800 model, according to Acevedo. "The M-800 press has doubled our pagination capacity to 64 pages – a first in Puerto Rico," he elaborates. "Before, if a customer wanted a 48-page product, for example, we would have to print 32 pages then change the plates and print a further 16 in a separate print run before combining the two sections in the bindery. This of course took additional time and wasn't efficient. Printing 64-page products in a single run is much more attractive, allowing them to print larger products at lower costs and of course in a shorter production window."

Acevedo added that a common web width with existing M-1000 presses was also important, allowing the flexibility to schedule and shift jobs among the 4x2 and 4x4 presses.

"I'm very proud of the job that Goss International did in getting the stacked configuration into such a small space," according to Acevedo. "They did an exceptional job, over and above our expectations. The organization from all involved was outstanding, and the results speak for themselves."

With the new press up and running, Acevedo is positive about the future. "We have been able to decrease waste, lower run times, reduce makereadies and combine more products in the same run," he concludes. "This makes us hugely efficient and able to deliver to our customers faster than ever before. The flexibility, the higher quality print and the ability to offer more competitive prices have put us in a much stronger position against our competitors going forward. We are very much looking forward to our future."

AGP is affiliated with Grupo Ferré-Rangel, the holding company that also produces Puerto Rico's largest newspaper El Nuevo Dia, as well as Prima Hora on Goss presses. The company provides complete web and sheetfed services.