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Pazazz Goes 100% UV

Press release from the issuing company

You may have heard that vegetable based inks and soy based inks are low in VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). But have you heard that UV inks contain NO VOC's at all, while delivering outstanding quality and unparalleled effects? For that reason and a few others, Pazazz has decided to go 100% UV on our KBA 56" 6-colour UV press. Below are a few reasons why you should try UV.

UV printing is a more environmentally friendly process then conventional printing. UV inks and coatings are completely solid and friendlier to the environment since they are free from VOC's and HAP's (Hazardous Airborne Particles). UV inks are fully recyclable. The UV printing process requires similar or lower electrical power than Infrared/Thermal Air systems. It yields less ink and washup waste than conventional print since there isn't any waste from incidental drying. As well, difficult print jobs that typically require two passes on the press are now achievable on the KBA 56" 6 colour UV press in one pass, utilizing half the energy.

Rapid curing and drying. UV inks cure instantaneously, meaning that products can be finished faster, enabling immediate throughput and fast turnaround, even on two-sided jobs. The ability to "lay down" layers of opaque white or metallic, and then print over it in a single pass, merely hints at the versatility of the UV process.

UV Ink has excellent colour value. In-line UV printing is known for the spectacular results it can achieve on difficult substrates. UV inks are an exceptionally good choice for four-colour process graphic printing on coated and uncoated stock as well as plastics including synthetic papers; static cling vinyl and lenticular, board, foil and flute. Conventional inks sink into uncoated stock and explode with dot gain, but UV inks are cured within one second on press so they don't have time to settle into the stock. Furthermore, mottled print appearance is eliminated which creates a more defined and vibrant color effect.

UV Coatings. You can UV coat an entire sheet or just a spot. The coating is a clear finish that reacts the way UV inks do when exposed to UV light, it cures very quickly and creates a high-gloss, ultra clear and wet-look finish. On top of that, there are endless coating special effects that can only be achieved with UV.