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Polestar Upgrades Polybag Capabilities

Press release from the issuing company

Polestar Sheffield is expecting to see a 30 per cent improvement in the performance of its polybagging services, following an investment to upgrade the four CMC Polystream lines and the addition of CMC2800 wrapping machines.

Managing Director Andy Reynoldson explains:"We have completely replaced the hot glue method of sealing the polybags with new heat sealing machines. This allows the lines to run consistently for longer durations, without interruption, resulting in an average 30 per cent extra uptime. We will also see a reduction in the product waste."

He continues: "Last year, we successfully handled almost two billion inserts. We hope that through this investment, with the combination of higher productivity levels and cost savings attributable to reduced waste, we will be able to work with our customers to continue to attract advertisers to the medium."

Warehousing and workflow for the many millions of inserts and onserts that are delivered to Polestar Sheffield each week is monitored by the company's Empirica Chess warehouse management system, the implementation of which has recently been completed. This powerful administration bar coding tool allows for improved warehousing, distribution, accurate control and improved workflow. Andy Reynoldson says: "The aim is to give advertisers traceability and full confidence that their inserted products are reaching the targeted consumers and zoned destinations, which is something we can do with this system."