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W.A. Wilde Company selects Paloma Print Perfect

Press release from the issuing company

Paloma Print Products announced today that W.A. Wilde Company, a leading provider of advanced direct mail, marketing, and fulfillment solutions, has selected Paloma's Print Perfect document testing automation software solution. Wilde has licensed Paloma's solution as its enterprise platform for document testing automation as Wilde develops direct marketing applications with the HP Exstream document composition software.  By automating its document testing process, Wilde stands to drastically reduce document testing time and cost, while also improving the quality of new document development, ongoing document modifications, and HP Exstream software upgrades.

Key drivers in Wilde's selection included Print Perfect's ability to test many different print file formats - including AFP, Postscript, and PDF - in a dramatically shorter timeframe than manual testing processes allow; Paloma's unique PowerSWITCH testing workflow automation module, which will allow both technical and non-technical employees to quickly and easily test and review documents; Paloma's unique service bureau licensing model which will allow Wilde to more accurately allocate document testing costs to specific projects or customers; and Paloma's knowledge, focus, and technical expertise for supporting Wilde's HP Exstream output environment.

"We are very impressed with Print Perfect's ability to allow any Wilde employee to easily and accurately identify document changes, both those changes which are expected as well as those which are unintended," remarked Jeff McFadden, Senior Vice President, W.A. Wilde Company. "Our old manual document testing process took so much longer and was not nearly as accurate and reliable as Print Perfect.  Also, because Print Perfect includes a complete testing workflow automation module, even our employees who haven't been trained in the use of Print Perfect can submit test jobs and have the results automatically emailed directly to their PC."
"In fact", added Mr. McFadden, "we had reviewed other solutions with similar print comparison modules, but none had the powerful PowerSWITCH workflow module that Paloma offers.  In addition, when we spoke with some of Paloma's clients prior to deciding to purchase Print Perfect it was clear that Paloma's superior focus on, and expertise in, document testing automation, made them a great vendor and true partner to their clients.  They are the right choice for Wilde."

Not only will Print Perfect save substantial time and money, but it is another step Wilde is taking to ensure the documents its clients send to their customers continue to be of the highest quality.  The implementation of Paloma's Print Perfect is just another step in building on the outstanding reputation Wilde has built over more than 140 years in business.

"It was obvious to us from the onset that W.A. Wilde is a company that values its customer relationships and understands the impact that poor quality can have on its clients.  In addition, Wilde has first-hand experience with the tremendous drag manual document testing processes have on productivity, document quality, and profitability," said Joe Pigeon, President of Paloma Print Products. "We are honored that a strong, progressive company such as W.A. Wilde has chosen Paloma Print Products to automate their document testing processes."