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Muller Martini's 0459 Three-Knife Trimmer Achieves New Heights

Press release from the issuing company

December 10, 2008 - The 0459 three-knife trimmer, engineered for Muller Martini's new Primera 140 saddle stitching line, is the only trimmer in its class with a unique book transport design and front trim correction.  This technology ensures superior trim quality in all size ranges.  The trimmer's quick make-ready also raises the efficiency bar.

The demands on printing and finishing have increased considerably over the past few years.  Shorter make-ready, quicker turnarounds, extensive variations in product sizes and complexity are some of the challenges facing operations throughout the industry on a daily basis.  The new 14,000 cycle per hour 0459 three-knife trimmer from Muller Martini addresses all these challenges, providing the highest processing speeds with an optimal level of production reliability.

Uniformly High Trim Quality

One of the strengths of the 0459 three-knife trimmer is its versatility.  All product sizes – from minimum to maximum – can be processed rapidly and efficiently without any additional parts needed.  Center cut and split cut for two-up production, trio cut device for three-up production, and different hole punching devices (1, 2, 3 or 4) increase flexibility.  A newly developed book transport and trim quality control ensure a high level of accurately trimmed, superior books.

Innovation for product quality:  Automatic Transport Correction and Dynamic Cutting

Using state-of-the-art electronics, the 0459 three-knife trimmer measures each product in the book transport to the face trim.  At any speed and up to 14,000 cph, the trimmer adjusts the book transport on the fly so every book is registered to the face stops.  One of the most unique features of the 0459 trimmer is that the position of every book at the stops can be seen at the main operator control monitor…enabling the operator to take action on the fly for any adjustment needed and reduces ramp up time with a new job.  Dynamic cutting slows the knife down in the upper position and increases speed in the cutting position for high trim quality and increased knife life.

Ergonomically Designed with Greater Accessibility

Muller Martini has engineered key ergonomic enhancements into its new generation of machines, and the 0459 three-knife trimmer maximizes these enhancements with several features that boost productivity, promote ease of use, improve operator comfort and increase safety.  Controls on the 0459 trimmer are operator friendly, providing better access to each control with less reaching and straining so set-ups and changeovers can be completed faster and easier.  External adjustments can be conveniently made on the fly, reducing or eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming line stoppages.  The newly designed trimmer hood with internal lighting makes maintenance and other procedures quicker, more efficient and safer.  And robust construction delivers reliable performance.

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