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CHROMiX/HutchColor announce Curve2 software at Print09

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago IL - CHROMiX and HutchColor announce Curve2, successor to the highly successful IDEALink Curve software.

Curve2 makes G7 calibration easier, faster, more accurate, less error prone and less expensive.

At Print09 the team of CHROMiX Inc. and HutchColor, LLC are announcing new software called "Curve2" for calculating G7 calibration curves.  Curve2 replaces the current IDEALink Curve software.

Like IDEALink Curve, Curve2 is primarily designed for calculating G7 calibration curves, but does so with much higher precision due to completely new core algorithms.  G7 Expert and SpotOn! Press founder Bruce Bayne said "After testing the new Curve2 tool I found the results to be highly accurate - especially with difficult devices."

Over 50 new functions and features have been added to Curve2, enhancing the intuitive interface of IDEAlink Curve to further simplify the G7 calibration process and improve its effectiveness. From basic pre-qualification tools that verify ink and paper colors, to conformance metrics for NPDC and gray balance, Curve2 elevates the whole process of G7 calibration and monitoring.

All aspects of a G7 calibration are contained in a new document format capable of holding a series of related press runs in one single file. Successive press runs are linked to previous runs so that Curve2 can accurately calculate new curves based on previous curves, perform run-to-run checks, and qualify how accurately a particular run or sample meets the G7 definition.

Graphing has undergone a complete redesign. Every Curve2 graph now has integrated zoom, pan and expansion tools. Users can view Curve2's corrections vs control points and optimize the control points sent to the RIP for the most effective corrections possible.

Curve2's calibration curves are now available to more users and tools. Curves can be exported as device link profiles, Photoshop curves, text files and RIP configuration files. Curve2 can also display the "Measured" percentages required by some RIPs, instead of the more common "Wanted" percentages.

As a surprise to some users, Curve2 can also calculate ISO-standard TVI curves instead of G7 curves. "We wanted Curve2 to be as flexible as possible" explained HutchColor's Don Hutcheson. "TVI calibration was the number one request from European users.  Including both methods allows users to compare the TVI and G7 methods of calibration."

Also announced this week is an optional "Virtual Press Run" (VPR) module which minimizes the need for a second qualification run.  By applying the calculated curves from an initial calibration run to an IT8 target measured from the same run, VPR can not only save the cost of a second press run, but also reduce errors due to variations between runs, and permit several paper types to be calibrated and profiled in one session, with just one set of plates. More details are available in a separate press release for VPR.

"Curve2 VPR is worth it's weight in gold." said Mike Graff, CEO of Sandy Alexander, Clifton NJ.  "The VPR option can pay for itself in a single day."

CHROMiX / HutchColor are licensing the underlying technology of Curve2 to workflow, RIP and utility developers in an SDK called CurveCore, also announced this week.

Curve2 integrates customer feedback, feature requests and press room experiences to move G7 calibration tools to the next level. "IDEALink Curve was the first tool to make G7 calibration practical." said Hutcheson.  "Curve2 refines the process with higher precision, greater efficiency and less chance for error." said Hutcheson.

Curve2 is scheduled to ship in October with a recommended retail price of 1,199 and a pre-release price of 1,099.  Curve2 with VPR lists for 2,499 or 2,399 pre-release.  Existing IDEAlink Curve users can upgrade for 499 pre-release (thereafter 599 to 799) or 1,798 for Curve2 with VPR.

Curve2 is being demonstrated at the Color Management Group booth (#1463D) where advance orders can be placed.