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GMG launches GMG PrintControl and RapidCheck 2.0 at Print 09

Press release from the issuing company

Hingham, MA – GMG, supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, announces the launch of GMG PrintControl 2.0 and RapidCheck 2.0 during Print 09, September 11-16, at GMG booth 7159.

GMG PrintControl software helps printers standardize printing presses easily and achieve predictable printing results. The user is led intuitively through the processes that are necessary to establish optimal and repeatable printing conditions. GMG RapidCheck notifies the printer that his press is operating within defined tolerances. Together, GMG PrintControl and RapidCheck 2.0 make standardization easier than ever for almost any print house, and is also helpful for advertising agencies, print buyers, and manufacturers of printing inks, paper, printing plates and blankets.

Standardization and process control inevitably lead to increased production reliability and efficiency. With GMG PrintControl and RapidCheck 2.0, GMG now offers an even more user-friendly solution for easily and inexpensively controlling printing processes, with a new, easy to operate user interface.

Improved user interface
In both GMG PrintControl and RapidCheck 2.0, a wizard guides the user through the entire standardization and control process. As a result, none of the programming steps are overlooked, and there is substantially less chance of error. This boosts productivity and the reliability of press performance. Many users will find that they can standardize the printing process without relying on outside experts or tools.

Integrated "troubleshooter"
The software includes instructional information in a 'Knowledge Base' that, for example, describes the different print standards and calibration methods supported. It also contains notes for printers, explaining what they need to pay attention to in order to produce printed work in accordance to a defined standard. Explanations and correction notes for assessing and improving printing results are also included.

NPDC support
In addition to ISO standards 12647-2 and -3, both GMG PrintControl and GMG RapidCheck 2.0 support the NPDC (Near Neutral Print Density Curve) calibration method based on achieving neutral gray. This makes GMG PrintControl an ideal G7 support tool for achieving GRACoL, SWOP or other print standards. This is particularly important for the American and Asian markets. With support for both ISO and NDPC methods, the user can choose the best working process for their environment while remaining confident of achieving the specified print standard.

ISO-compliant report
Reports generated in GMG PrintControl and GMG RapidCheck 2.0 have been revised to comply with ISO guidelines. Reports contain all the information needed for ISO certification, which is particularly important for users who are aspiring to Ugra PSO certification. It additionally serves as proof of production in accordance with the defined standard, as the printing conditions can be traced and re-checked at any time.

Database for analyses
A new feature is a database for determining trends, averages and comparisons. Print jobs measured in GMG RapidCheck 2.0 are stored in a database and can be used for operation analyses. This is a useful function for printers, for example, who want to ensure that their printed materials are always delivered at the same, targeted, high quality. They can also use GMG RapidCheck to document that production has complied within their own quality standards.

"With the adoption of more controlled manufacturing techniques, the significance of standardized printing processes in the graphic arts industry has grown substantially in recent years. We are convinced that more effective and sustainable process control, based on international or user-defined in-house standards, will gain even greater importance in the future. Tools like GMG PrintControl and GMG RapidCheck are needed allow businesses to produce the required print quality-while concurrently achieving high profitability-in order to stay competitive," says Paul Willems, CEO of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.

GMG PrintControl and GMG RapidCheck 2.0 are available for shipment in October 2009. Anyone interested in reviewing the new software can download a demo version of GMG PrintControl/RapidCheck from GMG's website at www.gmgcolor.com.