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Three times KBA Rapida 105 at Delta Printing Press in Dubai

Press release from the issuing company

Three KBA Rapida 105 universal presses – all three as five-colour versions – have been taken into production at Delta Printing Press in Dubai over the course of only four years. The high-performance Rapidas are enjoying increasing popularity in the Gulf region in all format classes. Despite the economic crisis, the Gulf states continue to invest in modern printing technology.
Four years to the top
"Discover the difference" is the slogan which the companies of the Delta Group hold aloft on their banners. The Dubai-based group is already highly successful in many fields, for example communication, print, marketing, advertising services and trade development. Delta Printing Press has been a member of the group since its founding in May 2005. With its 250 employees, it can be counted among the market leaders in the Emirates. The well-equipped Delta print centre covers an impressive floor space of 6,000 m2 and boasts highly automated production facilities. Under company director Kabeer Jalaluddin, Delta Printing Press has gone a long way towards fulfilling its mission of "Perfection, precision and printing par excellence".

As a highly respected commercial printer, the company counts many of the region's leading industrial and trading companies among its customers, not to mention a whole number of renowned advertising agencies. And they are all confident in entrusting Delta with the designing and realisation of a comprehensive range of tailored print products.
Technology and service as guarantees for success
Kabeer Jalaluddin: "With our team of specialists, we are able to answer every customer demand in respect of quality, design and run lengths, and our full-service approach very quickly earned us a place in the top league in the Emirates. But this was only possible because, in addition to the motivation and commitment of our employees, we are able to rely on presses incorporating the latest state of the art."

"We are not tied to one manufacturer when it comes to investments, but instead apply a strict evaluation procedure before each individual decision. Besides performance and quality, the reliability and service potential of the supplier plays an important role. We offer our customers optimum service, and we expect the same from our suppliers."
Prize-winning products
"The fact that we purchased the first KBA Rapida 105 universal shortly after our founding, and have to date already followed this up with two more, is a measure of our satisfaction. The image and performance of the KBA presses are excellent, and the local representative Giffin Graphics gives us exemplary service. It is true that we also use presses from other manufacturers, but the Rapidas are our production backbone. They are fast, reliable and integrate a meaningful level of automation. The high quality of the products printed on our Rapidas has had a great share in the numerous quality awards which we have received for our work. At the 2008 Dubai Print Awards, for example, we picked up three gold medals."