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Arcis Digital Security certifies the InfoPrint 5000 for secure document printing

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO - InfoPrint Solutions Company, the joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announced an agreement with Arcis Digital Security Inc. to certify the InfoPrint 5000 industry-leading full-color continuous forms production printing system for Digital Void Pantograph production.
With Digital Void Pantograph support, the InfoPrint 5000 is enabled to print secure documents like checks, statements, rebates, gift certificates and coupons in high volumes on plain paper.  This solution embeds hidden warnings, such as words or images, into the document background that will become visible if the document is copied, scanned, or viewed with a hand-held verifier to help prevent document misuse or forgery. 
"Our patent pending Digital Void Pantograph technology is unique to the industry and will allow InfoPrint customers to have access to a well-recognized anti-copy technology in a newly developed digital format as an alternative to buying pre-printed security paper stock," said Andrew McTaggart, Managing Director, of Arcis Digital Security Inc. "The InfoPrint 5000's print quality is exceptionally positioned to produce secure documents with our one-of-a-kind Digital Void Pantographs."
With the Digital Void Pantograph technology, InfoPrint 5000 customers can:
·  Print secure documents at high speed
·  Utilize security features using variable data
·  Reduce pre-printed stock inventory waste and additional transportation compared to plain paper
·  Capture and retain more customers with customized digital void pantographs
"The Digital Void Pantograph technology from Arcis provides a new capability to our customers who have unique needs for the highest level of document security.   For example, it enables our check-printing customers to meet their client requirements and use the security padlock.  It also allows companies to qualify as members of the Checks Payment System Association (CPSA), an organization committed to advancing, promoting and protecting the long-term value and growth of the check payments system," said George Promis, VP, InfoPrint Solutions Production Color & Technology Alliances.  "Our certification by Arcis is another step in the evolution of our market-leading InfoPrint 5000 as we continue to equip our customers with best-of-breed offerings with the highest levels of security and integrity."
InfoPrint has steadily enhanced and expanded the functionality of the InfoPrint 5000 color solution since the launch of the first model in 2007.  Today the platform is available in several configurations, all of which are field upgradeable, with speeds ranging from up to 105 to 420 feet per minute, a choice of inks, and operator-selectable print resolutions.  For more information on the InfoPrint 5000, please visit: http://www.infoprintsolutionscompany.com/internet/wwsites.nsf/vwwebpublished/print_ip5000home_us