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Serendipity Software announces Veripress

Press release from the issuing company

SYDNEY, Australia - Serendipity Software today announced the official release of Veripress, a stand-alone software solution that brings softproofing to the pressroom. Originally debuting as a prototype at the Gravure Association of America conference last year, Veripress was given the highest accolades for this next generation proofing technology, by US colour experts. Veripress builds on technologies from Serendipity Blackmagic and introduces some new ones created specifically for softproofing.

"Veripress is the fastest, easiest to use and most colour accurate on-press softproofing system available today," said Peter Skarpetis, Serendipity Software's Chief Executive Officer. "Using ripped files from platesetter rips ensures content integrity while the built-in colour verification system ensures accurate proofs every time. In today's busy press environment there is less time available for making hardcopy proofs. The speed of Veripress ensures proofs are available on the press as soon as the plates are".

Veripress includes, out of the box, support for touch screens ensuring the pressroom is presented with a familiar interface. The touch screen presents a hierarchical, one touch interface that allows access to all functions within one click. Customisation of the interface allows further simplification to meet the pressroom's needs. A visual pan interface allows jumping to any part of the page by simply clicking on it.

Veripress includes new technology that de-imposes on the fly, allowing the pressroom to see the finished product at the touch of a button. Coupling this with the Veripress 3D viewing technology called FlipBook, and the press operator can quickly scan through the magazine or newspaper and compare it to the final product.

Veripress is multicolour ready and can proof any multicolour printing processes be it hexachrome, heptachrome or any custom process. Support for unlimited spot colours means that any job, regardless of the complexity can be viewed at the touch of a button.

Veripress includes many features to assist in viewing proofs on screen. The back page tool simulates the effects of show through in double sided printing. The spreads tool shows pages side by side to aid with identifying problems with full page spread advertisements. The virtual loupe tool allows magnification of sections of the page as well as accurate readings of dot percentages. The spectro tool allows comparing measurements off the sheet to the values from the softproof. The ink usage tool calculates, accurately, ink consumption for whole magazines, newspapers and publications.

Veripress includes calibration tools to ensure accurate colour reproduction every time. The monitor calibrator enables quick, hassle free calibration of the display, while the Calcheck colour verification system confirms the colour accuracy of the system. Calcheck verifies the performance of the monitor against the gamut of the printing process instead of verifying the accuracy of the monitor profile, guaranteeing that a Calcheck verified monitor produces the full gamut of the target printing process, be it ISO 12647-7, Gracol, etc.

Veripress includes an interface to many press consoles allowing for handsfree operation of the software. When a new page is loaded on the press console, the exact same page appears automatically on the softproof.