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callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 turbo-charges transparency flattening

Press release from the issuing company

Berlin - callas software announces the availability of pdfAutoOptimizer 2. Based on Acrobat's PDF engine, callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 automates transparency flattening and overall file optimization while maintaining both raster and vector element integrity.
callas software is available in the Americas through Tools4Media and will be shown in the Crossroads exhibit #6763 at PRINT 09.

Maintain creative freedom and maximize existing technology
Drop shadows, vignettes, translucent objects, objects softly blending into each other and other effects based on transparency are all features that can make a design more attractive and have vastly increased the use of transparency in PDFs. Unfortunately the ability to deal with transparency during print, publishing and ad production or even in layout applications is mostly inadequate. The only workaround in such cases is to convert PDFs with transparency into non-transparent, so called "flattened" PDFs.

callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 offers an ideal solution to optimize existing technologies and keep customers happy. Printers and publishers can now accept files including live transparency without the need to update all their RIPs. Designers and agencies can easily and fully automatically create and deliver standards-based PDF files from one master PDF, without having to trade-off on creativity such as the use of drop shadows and vignettes.

High-tech, automatic flattening, and no workarounds
Other solutions on the market will flatten and rasterize the entire page or document, but they are limited to CMYK-only documents. The best tool so far is the flattening feature in Adobe Acrobat - but it still has some limitations like noticeable JPEG artifacts and images with too low resolution in flattened pages. In addition, it is a manual process in Adobe Acrobat.

callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 automatically flattens files, handling both CMYK and spot colors, while keeping most raster, vector and text elements intact. And while pdfAutoOptimizer 2 is based on Adobe Acrobat's engine, it overcomes most of Acrobat's limitations as well as fully automating the flattening process.

Whether you're a document creator or document receiver, pdfAutoOptimizer 2 can easily be built in any production automation solution.
Availability and Pricing
callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 is immediately available.

callas pdfAutoOptimizer 2 for Acrobat Pro is $2800 US; the version for Enfocus Switch is $1800 US.

The update from callas pdfAutoOptimizer 1 for the Acrobat version is $980 US, the update from callas pdfAutoOptimizer 1 for Switch is $700 US.

Customers who purchased their copy of pdfAutoOptimizer 1 after June 1 are entitled to a free upgrade.