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AVT/GMI to feature remote ink control solutions at Print09

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, – AVT / GMI, the market leader in color control, press control and automatic inspection solutions, will be introducing new generation, closed loop color control and remote ink control solutions in booth #2631 at PRINT '09 in Chicago, September 11-16, 2009.

AVT and GMI will be introducing the new ColorQuick / Clarios, the next generation of automated closed loop color control, and Microcolor / Mercury, the next generation of remote ink control for commercial presses. A live pressroom demonstration of both new solutions will be offered at AVT / GMI's nearby customer, who has both systems installed. Transportation to and from the demos can be easily arranged at the AVT / GMI exhibit booth (#2631), or via the company website www.gmicolor.com.

Gal Shamri, GMI President, stated, "The new generation ColorQuick / Clarios and Microcolor / Mercury products are being introduced as part of our long term vision and commitment of providing our customers with process control and automation solutions that drive production excellence. These new products are a direct response to the continuing pressroom challenges that printers face going forward. Printers are being challenged today with tough economic conditions, rising costs for paper, ink and plates on one side, and more demanding customers on the other. Today's print market insists on shorter turn around, better color matching, and a more varied mix of products and formats. Based on GMI's leading spectrophotometer color control technology and the experienced gathered from thousands of Microcolor and ColorQuick installations, the new generation solutions provide printers with new levels of automation, new added value tools, dramatically increased ease of use, and faster operation. These new color control products form the foundation for optimum web press printing."

ColorQuick / Clarios
The ColorQuick product pioneered the on-web closed-loop color control using an ISO standard spectrophotometer to obtain the most accurate color measurements. Incorporating new hardware and software the new generation ColorQuick / Clarios takes this proven platform a dramatic step ahead offering a new operating experience while making it the ultimate color control solution in accuracy, productivity and capability.
ColorQuick / Clarios features:
-  New, intuitive, easier to use, touch screen operation interface
-  New, faster color control workflow, shortens make ready waste and time
-  New Print Condition view that clearly shows the operator which print characteristics are in or out of tolerance – driving fast operator corrective action
-  A Tone Value view that graphically reports on all the critical factors needed to check conformance to the new, TVI-based print standards
-  New Setup views that easily execute changeovers of Targets and Tolerances to support faster make readies and "hybrid" production
-  A Color Conformance view for the spectral data, which also displays crucial L*a*b* parameters in a single view for fast and intuitive color evaluation
-  Updated CIP 3 / 4 Preview that speeds up the ink presetting cycle while improving the accuracy and reliability of presets
-  New, highly flexible hardware and software that adapt to modern press rooms. The system is easily set up for today's duplex and triplex press lines.
ColorQuick/Clarios color control stations can be placed in multiple locations; while, when needed, multiple webs may be monitored and controlled from a single, central operator workstation.

ColorQuick / Clarios is based on the unique and proven in-line spectrophotometer technology that delivers the industry's most accurate, traceable, ISO-standard spectral measurements including CIEL*a*b*, CIEL*C*h, plus detailed 10nm spectral reflectance values for every measurement (with the optional spectral reporting module).

Microcolor / Mercury
The next generation Microcolor / Mercury platform updates the proven accuracy of GMI's patented digital servomotors with a graphical, fully touchscreen workstation for digital remote ink control. All critical activities for setting and controlling inking can be performed with a few touches of the color display:
·        Preview CIP ink profile pre-sets
·        Set all keys on the press in seconds
·        Inspect key profiles for all inkers, side by side
·        Change key settings overall
·        Copy and adjust profiles for pages or alleys
·        Adapt to special ink sequences
·        Store multiple versions for quick reaction to customer changes
·        Save virtually unlimited numbers of jobs on the local system disk, or to network disk storage where needed

To complement the complete suite controls found on the touchscreen monitor, the Next Generation Microcolor/Mercury offers a completely redesigned, optional operator console (OCU). At this control station, the printer can adjust individual keys that are arranged to match the ink key zones on the press, one-to-one.  Current settings are shown in easy-to-read, high-contrast LCD displays, one for each key zone. A full-color LCD panel provides feedback on system status and diagnostic views, right at the OCU.

The new Microcolor / Mercury OCU is now the most adaptable remote ink control solution in the industry:
·  Consoles can be customized to match any ink key spacing and any number of keys per fountain.
·  Microcolor/Mercury can be readily adapted to existing press desks, or installed on new, GMI-supplied desks.
·  Multiple consoles for virtually any combination of webs can be configured on a single system.

Like all GMI Next Generation products, the new Microcolor / Mercury uses highly flexible hardware and software that allows a Microcolor touchscreen control to be placed virtually anywhere on a press line that an operator might need to work on setting ink keys. Multiple control stations are practical for any press. On smaller presses, all control can be done from the touchscreen alone, eliminating the need to "squeeze in" a full desk where space at press-side does not permit it. Thus the Microcolor/Mercury can be easily reconfigured as the pressroom layout changes or the staffing patterns change.

Adding Next Generation Microcolor is "plug & play" for existing Microcolor users. Because Microcolor / Mercury can work with existing GMI ink keys, fountains, and existing GMI digital servomotors, an economical upgrade path is available for today's Microcolor users. No rebuilds of ink fountains, or fountain hardware modifications are needed to put a modern graphical workstation at every press crew's disposal.