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GMG to demo ColorProof o5 at Print 09

Press release from the issuing company

Hingham, MA USA – From September 11-16, at Print 09 (myPrint), on booth 7159, GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, will feature a first-time public demonstration of GMG ColorProof o5 in North America as well as the introduction of a host of other new color management applications. Two new versions of GMG ColorServer-one for wide format printing and the other for digital printing-will be introduced. Additionally, GMG PrintControl supporting North American standards will be introduced.

GMG ColorProof o5: A new, easier to use proofing system
GMG ColorProof o5 is a major new version of the company's color management software providing the most accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet printers to produce digital contract color proofs, precisely matched to the printing process, with the shortest ROI. GMG ColorProof o5 builds on industry standards – along with a completely new, redesigned user interface – to make proofing easier and accurate for novice and experienced users. Using the new interface, 75% of the typical tasks – such as selection of the proofing job, the Proof Standard and calibrations – can be handled when files are selected for proofing, without referencing submenus. The completely new user interface and software architecture provide immediate visibility and access to all important tasks and settings, greatly reducing operator overhead and errors.

GMG Proof Standard technology combines all printer, calibration, substrate, and color setting into a single, preset selection. Any deviation from the standard produces a clear error message. Installation and operation are so simple that users with no color background can create proofs to tolerance-measured industry standards in literally minutes.

ColorProof o5 also includes new capabilities for power users. Calibration sets are easily exported and shared with other systems, greatly simplifying multiple or remote systems deployment and maintenance. Load balancing distributes jobs among different printers, eliminating workflow logjams while improving printer utilization. The Adobe PDF print engine ensures compatibility with Adobe-based RIPs. New hotfolder capabilities allow grouping multiple workflow processing steps into a single folder (e.g., RGB data can be separated according to a specific separation profile).

Color management for wide format inkjet and digital presses
As digital printing becomes more sophisticated, so has the print buyer-customers are aware of the benefits of receiving consistent, accurate color. While digital printers are delivering quality rivaling many offset presses, maintaining consistent color quality and matching color to a standard is difficult if not impossible for many digital print providers. At Print 09, with the assistance of a new, easy to use, profiling system to calibrate a wide range of print devices, GMG will introduce two new versions of GMG ColorServer, one for wide format printers and the other for digital press users, to help them achieve accurate and consistent color.

Standardization made easy
With PrintControl, GMG offers printers an inexpensive and very user-friendly solution for effectively setting up, controlling, and achieving maximum production reliability through printing process standardization. The highly intuitive software allows simple standardization of printing presses and predictable printing results. The user is guided, step by step, through the procedures for specifying optimum, repeatable printing conditions, providing exceptional grey balance. At Print 09, GMG will introduce a new version of PrintControl supporting American printing standards.

Save ink while producing consistent color
GMG InkOptimizer uses sophisticated color reduction algorithms to replace CMY primary colors with black, maintaining sharpness, reducing ink volumes and improving print quality – allowing ink savings of up to 25 % on the press. Even though images remain identical – both to the eye and spectrophotometers, the amount of color ink used is significantly reduced. GMG will introduce a new version of GMG InkOptimizer at Print 09 further improving workflow integration.

Extended gamut halftone proofs
With the proliferation of extended gamut printing and the availability of inkjet printers with extended ink sets, GMG will introduce a GMG DotProof option for GMG ColorProof and GMG FlexoProof, supporting its reknowned quality of halftoning on extended gamut inkjet printers. With it, users will be able to see how spot colors and extended gamut printing will appear on press.

Connecting GMG color management to workflows
Increasing networking and automation of the production environment is leading to growing demand for a networked, centrally controllable color management solution in which all process progress can be monitored at all times. GMG can permit access to its proofing and color management installations at different locations via an intranet or the Internet. GMG color management can be synchronized across all locations in order to guarantee company-wide quality standards. The GMG color management and proofing functions can be integrated in existing workflows, and during Print 09, the GMG booth will demonstrate one such connection.

"GMG's new product introductions and updates to our existing product portfolio clearly demonstrate how GMG delivers professional color management throughout the graphic arts process-from creative and premedia to all printing processes. Just about any visitor, from conventional, digital and wide format printers and converters, to publishers, ad agencies, photographers and brand managers will find the integrated suite of products compelling," explains Jim Summers, GMG Americas President. "While GMG has always been known for its exceptional accuracy, these new products show how easy to use and affordable color management can be. We're bringing manageable color to users at all skill levels."