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Toyo Ink America expands product lineup

Press release from the issuing company

ADDISON, Ill. - To underscore the fact that Toyo Ink products prove their worth in pressrooms every day of the year, Toyo Ink America will exhibit its widest array of inks and printing-related products ever assembled for a North American trade show at Print '09. Under the banner "The Proof is in the Print" - Toyo Ink America's theme for the show - booth visitors can become more familiar with the company's comprehensive lineup of products, ranging from versatile new commercial sheetfed inks to innovative LED-UV-curable formulations to a helpful tool for quantifying the comparative value of Toyo inks.

"As the graphic communications industry in the United States continues to change amid all the challenges, it is difficult to predict the future," said John Copeland, president and chief operating officer of Toyo Ink America. "However, being the provider of high-quality, high-value sheetfed and web offset inks, adhesives and other printing-related products that printing companies have come to rely on puts Toyo Ink in the best position to thrive in today's marketplace. And superior quality plus excellent value translates into satisfied customers - the goal of all the people at Toyo Ink."
Toyo Value Calculator Debuts

In booth #4040, Toyo Ink America will unveil its newly developed Value Calculator. The Toyo Value Calculator is a computer application created to permit comparisons between Toyo inks and other manufacturers' products.

"In pound-for-pound comparisons with competitive products, we are seeing Toyo inks providing 20 percent to 30 percent more coverage," Copeland pointed out. "Show attendees can estimate the money they could save by switching to Toyo inks. The direct comparisons will be a real eye-opening experience."

Throughout the six-day show, Toyo Ink associates wearing "We'll Prove It!" buttons will help booth visitors complete their unique value calculations.
New Sheetfed Offset Inks

At Print '09, Toyo Ink will introduce new process series inks for sheetfed printing applications. The inks add depth to Toyo Ink's extensive portfolio of environmentally friendly formulations while adding value to printing companies' operations.

UV Eco Soy Process Series inks give commercial sheetfed and folding carton printers another option to meet the demand for high-quality, ultraviolet energy-cured printing. Toyo Ink's new soy-based UV inks bring excellent printability and high mileage on coated paper, uncoated paper and board stock. UV Eco Soy inks print consistently with every kind of dampening system. Colors are exceptionally bright. The fast curing readily accommodates high-speed printing and enables faster turnarounds. UV Eco Soy inks have fractional levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Alliance Process TIA Series inks are a great choice for cost-conscious printers looking to improve press performance at a generous quality-to-price ratio. Made from vegetable oil, Alliance inks offer wider water windows, eliminating concerns about ink scumming. They set quickly on the printed page, and exhibit good overnight stay-open properties.
World Premier for UV PowerFLEX Flexographic Inks

As industry demands for visual impact increase, flexographic printers seek to add color density while enhancing image quality. Toyo Ink's goal in formulating UV PowerFLEX was to create a solid, all-around UV-curable ink series that improves color density, printing quality and production efficiency. High in strength and low in viscosity, UV PowerFLEX has excellent ink transfer, low dot gain and quick cure response on plastics and paper. UV PowerFLEX is available in process and Pantone base colors, in addition to opaque white and UV extender.
U.S. Launch of High-Performance Inkjet Inks

Print '09 marks the U.S. introduction of LIOJET, Toyo's inkjet inks offering excellent resolution, color and mechanical properties. LIOJET SR, an environmentally friendly solvent-based ink, features high density, a wide color reproduction range and a high degree of durability. The UV-cured LIOJET FV and LIOJET NC inks excel at single-pass printing on rigid substrates. They boast high curability and film strength with minimal odor.
Other Highlights

At Print '09, Toyo Ink will showcase numerous products designed to improve pressroom productivity and ensure outstanding results.
Inks for Nonporous Substrates

Printing on nonporous substrates has always been a tricky proposition. Toyo's TSG and TSP 400 Process Series Inks are high-solids, low-VOC products with high vegetable oil content. Both formulations offer printers greater latitude, flexibility and performance over a wide array of nonporous substrates, such as vinyl, styrene, foil, film and synthetic paper.
Unique Enhanced-Gamut Ink

Kaleido Ink expands the CMYK gamut to nearly the full Adobe RGB gamut. The results are richer, truer-to-life colors on the printed sheets than are possible with conventional four-color process inks. Toyo Ink offers three varieties of its enhanced-gamut ink series:

UV Kaleido Ink contains no VOCs; it is kinder to the environment and the workplace. Other benefits include higher gloss levels.

Sheetfed Kaleido Ink provides superior performance for most sheetfed applications.

Aqualess Kaleido Ink system delivers higher gloss and faster setting times.
High-Tech Products

Toyo Ink's reputation for delivering inventive solutions that meet the technology needs of tomorrow drives advances in products for LED and printed electronics applications.

Of particular interest to printers will be Toyo's LED-UV-Curable Inks. The inks are hard-dried using ultraviolet rays produced by dedicated light emitting diodes (LEDs), enabling stability, long life and reduced power consumption. Showgoers can see the LED-UV-Curable Inks demonstrated on press at the xpedx/Ryobi booth (#1221).

REXALPHA Series: Electrically conductive silver paste inks that offer improved compatibility with small-lot printed electronics.

LIOMETAL: Silver nanoparticles that enable formation of conductive films quickly at low temperatures.
Commercial Sheetfed Inks

Top performers include HyPlus 100 Process Series, a fast-drying sheetfed ink containing 100 percent solids and zero percent petroleum oils. HyPlus EC, Toyo Ink's most popular process ink, provides strong contrast, high density and low dot gain under various screening applications.

The 24/7 Commercial Sheetfed Ink does it all - from general commercial printing with inline coating to demanding specialty work that involves offline surface finishing.
Commercial Sheetfed Specialty Inks

Aqualess Ultra Process Series for waterless printing applications easily handles the ink delivery system, temperature, roller system and plate requirements of waterless sheetfed presses and digital presses.

Hard-drying Scuff Tuff SG Process Series inks for conventional sheetfed presses prevent marking on difficult-to-print matte, coated or uncoated stocks. Scuff Tuff is ideal for labels, cartons, box wraps or any printed pieces that can be marred by rubbing against one another.
Flexible Packaging and Label Materials

Making a repeat trade show appearance will be LioValue, solvent-based gravure inks for printing on transparent barrier films; AquaEcol, water-based gravure inks for environmentally friendly print production; IroFlex, solvent-based flexographic inks suitable for long print runs on a wide range of substrates; and AquaLiona, water-based flexographic inks that deliver high-speed, high-resolution results over a wide range of substrates.
Energy-Curable Inks

Toyo Ink's family of energy-curable formulations provides interesting and creative solutions for many demands coming from printers and designers.

UV Paper Process Series offers excellent printing properties similar to general-purpose process inks. Formulations accommodate a wide variety of paper substrates and polyethylene coated stock.

UV PST Process Series cures quickly to a hard, rub-resistant finish even at high press speeds. On-press performance exceeds customers' expectations for productivity.

UV PST Mixing Base Series features good cure speed, high-speed capabilities and stable press performance.

UV Aqualess Process Series is formulated for paper substrates, as well as some pretreated plastics. It can be used for printing phone cards, prepaid cards and CDs.
Web Press Products

These inks run fast, dry fast and require less energy for drying.

K2 Heatset Process Series provides sharp printing, high contrast and excellent trapping.

TOYOWEB FPS and KPS Premium Process Series inks require less energy for drying while affording high strength, high gloss and low dot gain.

TOYOWEB "MC" (Master Color) Series is synonymous with balanced color, stabilized viscosities and quick roll-ups.
Printing-Related Products

Among the products to be showcased are TOYO KING blankets. Designed for longer life and optimum performance on sheetfed and web presses, they perform especially well with Toyo inks.

The TOYO 1050 Color Finder provides color matches for all 1,050 Toyo Ink colors arranged on the Munsell scale in four compact, easy-to-handle books.

The TOYO Ink Color Chart, which shows thousands of color combinations featuring two-color and three-color charts, and also incorporates a color tone selector and an artificial color selection scale.

Toyo Ink supplies a line of commercial sheetfed inks formulated to Pantone specifications. The Pantone Formula Guide set contains 1,114 colors on coated, uncoated and matte stock. The swatch books are identifiable by the Toyo Ink cover.

TOYO Ink's line of plastic ink knives and spatulas are light and easy to use, will not scratch the ink foundation and stay clean from ink penetration.

Toyo Ink America will feature its waterless Anti-Ink Hand Cleaner. These heavy-duty, multi-surface wipes clean up ink, paint, lubricants, wax, grease and adhesives. Fortified with emollient and natural oils, they will not crack or dry hands.

For more information about the entire Toyo Ink product line, visit booth #4040 at Print '09, September 11-16 at Chicago's McCormick Place.