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EDSF Report on Web Design Color Preferences

Press release from the issuing company

HURST, Texas U.S.A (Nov. 11, 2008) - A new report from EDSF, the international, non-profit organization dedicated to the document management and graphic communications industries, investigates color preferences in Web design within a diverse sample population. Results from this research found that among the over 200 participants, in excess of one third of the group preferred a white Web site background with black text. The report, titled "Color Preferences in Web Design," is available now as a free download at www.edsf.org.

The report is a result of the EDSF research grant and mentor program. An EDSF grant was awarded to the Department of Industrial Technology Graphic Communications Program at the University of Northern Iowa, where Dr. Carl Nelson Blue and undergraduate students Ty Welu and Chris McGee collaborated to conduct the research.

"As more and more industries convert to digital processes, an increased emphasis will be put on using computers for all aspects of business, from distance learning to marketing," said Dr. Blue, University of Northern Iowa. "An understanding of usable colors will be a vital part of creating software and Web sites for these purposes."

Key Findings:

---Overall, 33 percent of research participants preferred a white background on a Web page with black text.

---Twenty-seven percent of females surveyed prefer a white Web site background with black text, with 12 percent of women preferring blue hyper-links, compared to 40 percent of the males surveyed who prefer a white background with black text, with 26 percent preferring blue hyper-links.

---When looking at preferences for the color of links on a Web page, 18 percent of the total group surveyed prefer a white background and black text with blue links.

--- The study indicates that there are differences among men and women when it comes to preferences for Web colors. The study acknowledges that men and women are going to design, find attractive or utilize Web color space differently.

--- When comparing choices in color between age groups, there was a considerable difference. The study says that the two favorite preferences in color combinations were dominated by two distinct age groups, with the older sample preferring white or light backgrounds with dark text, and the younger sample preferring black (dark) backgrounds with white or other colored text.

---An overwhelming majority of respondents found this color research beneficial in terms of designing marketing communications and bolstering the ongoing argument that there are certain expectations of the user's experience on a Web site.

For a downloadable PDF of this report, visit www.edsf.org and click "Research and Publications" for the EDSF Industry Library. The report is listed under "EDSF White Papers."