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Muller Martini Orbit three-knife trimmer

Press release from the issuing company

(November 05, 2008) Muller Martini Orbit three-knife trimmer produces top-quality perfect bound products at high net output extremely cost effectively.

These days, lowering expenses and maximizing efficiencies are priorities for most print production operations.  Yet, quality cannot be sacrificed. Neither can speed, as turnaround times trend shorter.  The Muller Martini Orbit three-knife trimmer, with full automation and innovative “SmartPress” technology, is ideally suited for use in the upper performance range – providing rapid set-ups and high net output combined with impeccable trimming quality.  What can Orbit mean for manufacturers of perfect bound books?  Simply put: more profits.

Enhanced product processing, increased productivity
In order to achieve high net output, the Orbit three-knife trimmer’s process steps and operation sequences have been optimized, resulting in a major decrease in unproductive time. This, of course, can translate directly to greater profit margins for producers of perfect bound products.  Orbit’s full automation makes it possible to complete set-ups in a minimum of three minutes and to changeover without tools.  Productivity is boosted further because adjustments, even fine tweaks, can be performed on the run without interrupting production.

SmartPress for consistent product quality
For the best possible trim quality, Muller Martini has developed SmartPress – a proprietary technology that ensures a gentle, controlled press in the trimming process.  SmartPress can be vital in preventing costly line stoppages and in reducing waste.  Even with bulky products, Orbit’s compact book pressing makes certain that all air between sheets can escape completely so products can be perfectly trimmed.  Another benefit is, SmartPress technology works adaptively. This means that pressing adapts automatically to fluctuations in product thickness while the machine is running...ensuring consistent book quality from the beginning of the run to the end.

Optimized swing cut
The Orbit three-knife trimmer’s swing cut principle has also been further optimized, making Muller Martini’s already highly advanced cutting technology even better.  Transportation, pressing and cutting units have been decoupled to assure ideal trimming speed regardless of the machine’s cycle time.  Plus, the pull movement of the knife during trimming was increased so the book spine retains its perfect form.

User-friendly operation and digital capability
In addition to its high net output and outstanding trimming quality, the Orbit three-knife trimmer is very easy to operate.  As you would expect, this can significantly reduce labor costs while also saving time.  An example of this is Orbit’s clearly arranged controls and intuitive operating concept, which enable the fast preparation of a subsequent job while the current job is running.  Furthermore, the Orbit trimmer can also be connected via JDF/JMF, taking advantage of the efficiencies of digital workflow.